moved on over!

okay, not totally done, but is it ever really? lol.. I’ll be blogging over there now, so please change your linkies! I’m working on updating mine! 🙂


4 responses to “moved on over!

  1. For some unknown reason, I can arrive at your old blog but not your new home! I’ve tried every way possible: clicking from another WFW, putting in your address, googling it,…any other thoughts. Today, I did my 1st WFW and I keep trying to visit here and see other links or for me to link up. But thanks anyways!!! I’ll just stay a newbie and visit ones I know! Just want to thank you for hosting this meme…and maybe you can add me…if you get a chance…I asked Tracy but I don’t know if she can. God bless!

  2. Thank you for adding me! And even more for visiting me! And even more for putting me in the #1 place…WOW…that’s preferential treatment. I feel very humbled, honored and blessed! I would like to leave you a comment on YOUR post. I enjoyed this from what you shared per copy that Nancie emailed me(what a blessing your participants are):”how if I’m not careful sin will try and overpower me. I know we need to press on and choose the right path; and remember that even when we think we are, we mustn’t let down our guard because sin is crouching at our door trying to get us to let it in.”
    I pray that my whole armor is on and I never let my guard down again…to what lurks to destroy!
    May God bless you Amydeanne and have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll keep trying to get in to the new home…and let you know when I arrive…

  3. Thank you Amydeanne, I can’t even see your current posts the one I get from Google is May 28th…I looked and did not see where to sign up. I imagine that’s on your new one. Please do sign me up for full because if I get part and click on it…it goes to Internet Explorer’s message “cannot display the webpage”.

    I even can get the little WordPress box with snapshots and saw your article say i.e. on Olympics so I try to click and there it is IE.

    I’m sorry that I’m such a problem! Do you think that I can access through the email? We’ll see!
    Let’s hope it eliminates me having to bother you!
    How can I sign up for Mr. Linky each week if I can’t get in? At least I can read…what you have that will be better. I’m still learning but I do love this!

  4. All completely new to me this but I am enjoying it. Not too sure what I have to do to sign up or link for that matter but I will keep trying.

    May God Bless you.

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