WFW – Perfect

Welcome to Word-Filled Wednesday!

We are perfect through Jesus…. what an amazing thought!

It sure perks me up to read that as I’m not feeling very perfect most days (the downfall of someone who wants to be a perfectionist isn’t it? lol)

I hope your week is amazing and that you are blessed beyond belief!  My family and I are off to enjoy a bit of the summer, so if I don’t respond this week don’t feel bad I’m away til Monday Enjoying the sun and family time!  I’m sure I’ll have some amazing pictures to bring to you when I get back!

God Bless!

The purpose of Word filled Wednesday is to share God’s word through photo’s & a Bible verse!

download it,
read it,
print it,
share with others!

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29 responses to “WFW – Perfect

  1. Amy,

    Perfect! Love the topic and photo. Have a great time away!


  2. It’s so comforting to know we are armed with strength by GOD! Wow! Thank you, and happy WFW!

  3. What a comfort to remember that it is God Who arms us with strength! Exactly what I need to hear today. Thanks, Amy, for sharing with us. I am praying for you and family that God will bless you with a blessed and refreshing trip. Take care and Happy WFW!

  4. May God greatly bless you sweet one.

  5. God’s way is the perfect way! Have a lovely time away, enjoying summer while those of us on this side of the world enjoy winter 🙂

  6. Have a wonderful time with your family!

    Love the verse, it’s a great reminder this morning. God is perfect and so are HIS ways-another reason I need to die to self. My ways always seem to fail. So why do I keep trying?*sigh* ..oh the flesh…..

  7. Oh, yes… I’m so glad God arms us with strength.

    Have a great time away and I LOVE the pictures from earlier this week in all their matching outfits! They are adorable!

  8. Thank you. I am comforted too. It seems everyday I am praying for strength. I have so much to do and not enough hours to do it all.
    I stayed home from food bank to tackle somethings so my cowboy is doing it alone today. BTW the sewing project was adorable!

  9. Excellent! Thank God his ways are perfect.
    I agree with Sherry the sewing project was super cute. Happy belated Canada Day and have a fabulous time with your family.

  10. LOVE this ! Powerful scripture and very artful (as always!)

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful time! Looking forward to seeing that batch of pictures! ; )

  11. WOW! Love this! God has given you such a gift, Amy! Blessings on a wonderful family vacation!!!!!!

  12. Great job, Amy. You are an incredible artist, blessed with and incredible gift. Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us.

  13. Great verse! Mine is about feathers this week.

  14. Have a wonderful weekend with the fam…I’m outta here too!!
    As always an inspiration!!!
    You are the best!!

  15. What wonderful and true words!

  16. It is amazing that God makes our way straight! Enjoy your time away…

  17. Thanks for letting me tag along for WFW!

  18. Hey! Nothing like feeling strong and perfect huh… coz I am so not on my OWN. !!! PTL
    Have a wonderful get away… !
    Be blessed, be safe,
    and Happy 4th of July!

  19. Great verse for all of us perfectionists to remember.

    Have a great vacation, Amy, and enjoy your family.

  20. I meant to ask on my comment this morning to be added to your WFW blogroll…but forgot until now! Thanks & blessings! = )

  21. perfect for those of us who strive for perfection! Thanks Amy. It was such a blessing to be offline for a week and come back, not even really realizing it was word filled wednesday!

  22. Amy…no worries! = ) Happy vacation!

  23. I hope that you have a wonderful break~come back refreshed and renewed.

    Thanks for this post.

    Have blessed vacation~

  24. I love how simple but oh how powerful that verse is :o)

  25. Happy Vacation, and Happy WFW! I love this verse and the photo combo with the verse is simply powerful.

  26. I sure don’t feel perfect! Thank goodness we have the Lord’s strength! 🙂 Happy WFW!

  27. Awesome! Most days it is ONLY in His strength that I get through!!! Wonderful reminder!

  28. Hi, this is my first time on WFW!! I have added my post link to your Mr Linky and await next Wednesdays WFW for more fun!!

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