And there is my sewing… lol and other things.

I have the exact same picture last year, but everyones changed so much!

Daddy and Master J walking through the park!

The kids loving the flower garden in front of the Legislative buildings.

They thought it was really neat to look at the water and birds.

Glad we stuck shorts under the dresses!!!

All in all $8.00 worth of material. 2 bandana’s, 1 easy dress, and 1 pillowcase style dress.

The smiles on the babies faces and all the people who saw us.. priceless!

Hope everyone else is having a happy Canada Day!

Fireworks going off later tonight at the 160!  should be interesting!!


22 responses to “And there is my sewing… lol and other things.

  1. Wow. Great job . I love the outfits and the kids are gorgeous.

  2. So precious! I dressed my girls in matching outfits when they were younger too. Oh, how quickly time goes by! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and beautiful handiwork with us.

  3. Soooooooo cute!!! Maybe I could sew…

    Didn’t know today was Canada day- happy Canada day to you !


  4. Happy Canada Day to a wonderfully happy (and beautifully dressed with smiles and gorgeous red and white outfits) family!!!

  5. They all look so adorable! Happy Canada Day!

  6. They are SO cute! When my boys were young I use to do the same. I always wanted a girl too…oh well – praying for that granddaughter to sew for!

  7. How off the charts cute. I love what you sewed. The kids look great.

  8. Those are absolutely adorable. I wish I had your talent!

  9. Happy Canada Day to you! Those little one’s are absolutely adorable!! I really like those dresses, just so cute!

  10. Super cute pictures and beautiful flowers! Happy Canada Day!

  11. So stinkin cute!! Happy Canada Night! I’m a little late for day…

  12. Amy,

    Love the photos and the sewing. My mother used to sew for us when we were younger. They didn’t have a lot of money and it was less expensive to make us our clothes. And my Mom dressed my sisters and I alike.

    Love all the photos you’ve taken.


  13. Happy After-Canada Day! What a delightful bunch of kids – and so perfectly dressed!!

  14. I’m trying hard not to covet your many talents! (Wow!) Those pictures are SO precious. So many cute outfits for your adorable kids! = )

  15. What a bundle of blessings there are in these photos.

  16. GREAT PICS! Beautiful children, too! I ought to dress my boys up and take them to get some pics, too…they are only young once, and boy, does it go fast!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Oh my, they are just precious, and I lOVE the outfits.

    I used to sew matching outfits for my boys when they were young like yours.


  18. I don’t sew fancy.. just basic stuff! but thanks for all your sweet compliments! I had fun.. get the itch once awhile to make something!

  19. SERIOUSLY…you DO do it all….HOW??? I an a sew~a~phobic….bad pants experience….
    I’m TOTALLY impressed..they look ADORABLE~~~
    I’m not coveting…I just want to be you!! LOL!!

    Have a great, blessed weekend!!!

  20. VERY sweet photos!
    Happy (late) Canada Say!!!

  21. Amy, you are AMAZING! And your family is BEAUTIFUL! Happy Canada Day.

  22. these are just way too cute! I love it!

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