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this is too cute!

This book was so sweet and the pictures are incredibly detailed I couldn’t help but enjoy reading this with my children.

The Rumpoles and The Barleys – A little story about being thankful by Karen Hunt.  If you find a moment check out  Karen’s website: www.karenalainehunt.com It is an amazing site!  You’ll be surprised at what you find!

Now about the book!  ahhh I love children’s story that actually have purpose.  I mean they are great when they’re silly and fun!  But EVEN  better when they are well crafted with a purpose of bringing an issue that we can subliminally teach our children through.  This sweet book brings attention to being ungrateful and how we need to be grateful for what we have. It gives a positive message, with delightful imagery — almost magical!  The pictures matched the story and what was being told.

My children each understood an element of the story and have been asking to read this book over and over again!  I think I need to purchase one for my new little nephew to enjoy too!  I hope you’ll take a peek at it!


God has a plan

While I really wanted to write a post today about the new book I’m reading!

O2: Breathing New Life Into Faith by Richard Dahlstrom , but I didn’t quite finish it yet, so you’ll have to wait to next week to read my review! All I can say it’s amazing! But that’s all i’m going to say! I don’t want to give it away until than. Next week you’ll hear more!

So new books! What are you reading? What are you reading to your children?….

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