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this is too cute!

This book was so sweet and the pictures are incredibly detailed I couldn’t help but enjoy reading this with my children.

The Rumpoles and The Barleys – A little story about being thankful by Karen Hunt.  If you find a moment check out  Karen’s website: www.karenalainehunt.com It is an amazing site!  You’ll be surprised at what you find!

Now about the book!  ahhh I love children’s story that actually have purpose.  I mean they are great when they’re silly and fun!  But EVEN  better when they are well crafted with a purpose of bringing an issue that we can subliminally teach our children through.  This sweet book brings attention to being ungrateful and how we need to be grateful for what we have. It gives a positive message, with delightful imagery — almost magical!  The pictures matched the story and what was being told.

My children each understood an element of the story and have been asking to read this book over and over again!  I think I need to purchase one for my new little nephew to enjoy too!  I hope you’ll take a peek at it!


my kiddos


here’s a picture of my kiddos!

Miss H is turning 5 next week. I’m really in tears over that. She’ll start school this year and i’m still unsure of how to deal with that… homeschool, private school, public school. I have signed her up to preview our local school. I’ll go with her and see if it’s worth the while or we may homeschool come fall. She is up for both thus far. She likes the idea of me being her teacher, but she also likes the idea of playing with other children.

Master P is a busy 3.5 year old. He is counting so well these days. We need to work on his temperment though. He seems to think he can talk his way out of everything and it’s just not so lol.

Miss E. , my 2.5 year old is almost potty trained. We’re down to only one accident a day, though she still wants to be a baby and doesn’t want to give up the diapers.

Master J.. 8 months now and boy oh boy he’s keeping us jumping. He doesn’t want to sleep and only wants to be held all the time! He’s still moving backwards but is starting to do push ups lol. it’s actually quite funny.. I keep thinking the fact he can press his little 23lb body already he’s gonna be one strong little guy! Now if he’d only cut those nasty teeth and start talking! lol

Mr. C my big baby lol.. haha, j/king. He’s so busy with work. The guy he was training to take over as manager just quit this past friday, so he has to start looking for someone else. It’s kind of silly b/c the work is good, salary and you have enough time after work to be part of your family w/o feeling like work is pressuring you… oh well.. praying that someone else comes in line for that!

On an interesting note, we’ve gotten a hot tub yesterday!!! it finally arrived! It’s my vacation spot for the next 20 years. Seeing we have so many kiddos I can’t imagine us going anywhere for a long time and we haven’t been anywhere for a long time travelling that now we have some place to relax. Miss H was thrilled to know we have a “Hotel” in the garage now lol. We’ve been saving up for this for a long time! We don’t spurge on much, but like i said, this is my vacation!

anyhow, that’s my update on the family!