I can’t believe summer is here..

It’s finally warmed up at the 160.  The kids are starting to spend more time outside, and as I mentioned our furry visitors are all around us… mostly attacking my garden and such.

I’m kind of excited b/c it’s a little bit of break and time to crack open all the windows, let the cool breeze run through my house as I change it around again and again and again.

I’m starting to feel the laziness of summer; a bit more out side, a bit more fresh air, a bit more… of nothing (if you want to call chasing my little people around and trying to keep them from covering themselves all the time with mud nothing)..

oh the joys of summer!  I’m busy summer cleaning my kids clothes (again.. oh wait it was spring clean out last time lol) and trying to figure out where to put all the junk and who I can pawn it off on.  I’m trying to reorganize our main living space into something more functional (yes, again).. i love our house, but it’s such an open floor plan that I’m really stumped how to make it work.. (I mostly say i hate it, but not really hate it, just frustrated b/c it’s difficult.. not of anyone’s doing but ours)….

going to visit my mom this week and help her with the last bits of her house as she prepares to move and I’m hoping to also make it out to my dads at some point this week, but depends on my step mom as she went in for knee surgery today, so if you can please pray that she heals quickly and all is well with her knee replacement.

If you could pray for me too this week.. I just have been feeling pressure and comments from people that make me worry, and I can’t tell if they’re joking or not sometimes… and whether i’m getting emotional over it, instead of giving it to God.  I’m really feeling like I’ve portrayed myself in bad light sometimes b/c my personality is/can be overbearing (*gulp* i’ll be the first to admit that).. anyhow, just some prayer that I would feel God’s peace and mercy over my life.

How are things going for you this week?  What can I pray for you about?


10 responses to “I can’t believe summer is here..

  1. I will pray for you. I bet you are being hard on yourself. You always seem to be so loving and caring. You always leave such encouraging words. Thank you.

  2. Can I gently remind you of two things. One when people are offended, they have to TAKE offence.
    And that is something they have no business doing so that is not your problem.

    The second one I hang onto is that the Word says, there is No Condemnation….the Holy Spirit convicts but does not condem..so if you are feeling condemnation it is not from God.

    The words of a song ‘So You Would Come’

    Before the world began,
    You were on His mind,
    And every tear you cry,
    Is precious in His eyes.

    Because of His great love,
    He gave His only Son,
    And everything was done,
    So you would come.

    Nothing you can do,
    Will make Him love you more,
    And nothing that you’ve done,
    Will make Him close the door.

    Because of His great love,
    He gave His only Son,
    Everything was done,
    So you would come.

    Come to the Father,
    Though your gift is small,
    Broken hearts, broken lives,
    He will take them all.
    The power of His love,
    The power of His blood,
    And everything was done,
    So you would come.


  3. We can never control what people think or say about us. The only person that matters in regards to this is God. God knows your heart and that is ALL that matters!!!! Stop beating yourself up and be kind to yourself 😉 Believe me I know. I have been under attack from my own family and the only way I have made my way through it was believing what I just wrote here. Don’t allow that toxicity to invade your life! You know what I mean. You have grown into a beautiful, loving, caring, person…keep moving forward!

  4. I’ll pray for you. I know that comments can be tough because the tone of voice is missing. I cannot imagine anyone not loving you.

  5. The business of taking offense…

    It is not the work of our saviour. I know you know who created you, and how He created you to be. I am blessed to be getting to know you. And I will pray for you.

  6. Girl…give it up in prayer…you know that I’m reminded by a wise friend…(thank God for Titus 2 women) that our God is not a God of confusion…You be who HE made you to be….
    Peace in that…
    I’ve NEVER left here not blessed! And that is the truth!!:) BUT, I’ll pray…anyway…:)


  7. Here’s hoping God’s peace and grace surround you this week. Sounds like you’ve been busy! We’ve had a crazy week too, and it’s only Tuesday! 🙂 Take care.

  8. Praying for you now. I’ve only been blessed and edified by your precious heart.

    Give it to Jesus, thanks for keeping it real.

    We all struggle, so let us be here for you now…

  9. Lifting you up in my prayers sweetie, love you.

  10. Amy,

    I just also read this post. Summer is a great time. I need some of that energy you have to CLEAN and go through things.

    I will certainly pray for you. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if people are joking or not and then our female emotions can go crazy.

    Satan is trying to get you down. Thanks for all you do and I think your life portrays a Godly heart.


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