sunday sunday

hey, enjoying the warm weather today!  trying to figure out a bird that keeps hitting our basement window… tricky little guy.. he’s black and white with a horizontal stripe on his tail… i’d say a wood pecker, but I really don’t know… and a neon blue bird that hangs out with him too.. I think we need to try and get a picture of the little mischief makers!

stay tuned!


3 responses to “sunday sunday

  1. Weird birds. I wonder why they’re flying into the window.

  2. Get some plastic snakes and pu them outdoors on the window sills. We had birds coming on our porch one year, pooping like crazy. A friend suggested the snakes… and viola… problem solved. I leave them out year round… makes for good Halloween decor, too. 🙂

  3. I have nice little brown and yellow ones that float around in the yard and a happy family of pigeons or doves…must look up the difference one day…they bury themselves in much, hunch down on branches and are cute. My Moggie is an indoors cat but I have two black and white visitors from next door (where they have birds in aviaries) and two dogs, so the two cats come here to try and catch my birds. Most often heard call from my door…….”Leave my birdies alone!

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