here’s the trouble maker!

anybody know what kind of bird???


12 responses to “here’s the trouble maker!

  1. I’m not sure. I guess I’m not very helpful.

  2. I don’t think he’s a woodpecker, but I’m not sure what he is. I’m not a big bird fan.

  3. yay!! do i get a prize? I looked it up on this website, and searched birds in saskatchewan, and found it is a bank swallow! here’s the link:

  4. but wait, do you have a riverbank on your farm? lol maybe i am wrong…. but it looks just like it!!

  5. not that color though it’s a greyish black and says those are brown… close though.. doesn’t make that sound it has in it’s recording either.

  6. and he was hanging out with a indigo bunting

  7. yes, the other side of the trees is a marshy, dugout… though it’s kind of empty this year!

  8. i love that site.. it will come in handy i think!

  9. Queedle Queedle!

    ( I agree!) 🙂

  10. Hi Baby Girl,
    The name of your mysterious bird is a tree swallow. He is very common in the prairies.
    Donna Mead

  11. I’m thinking Eastern Kingfisher… likes insects.

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