Word Filled Wednesday – Smile!

Welcome to Word-Filled Wednesday!

It’s hard to remember to smile when life is coming down on us.  I hope this is a great reminder for us (especially  myself these days) to smile. We are being God’s ambassador’s to the world.  We need to show HIS colors and beautiful light… after all, we are made in HIS image!

God Bless!

The purpose of Word filled Wednesday is to share God’s word through photo’s & a Bible verse!

download it,
read it,
print it,
share with others!

If You’d like to join us for Word Filled Wednesday,
simply add your name to Mr. Linky, post your photo and Bible verse
(or feel free to add mine to your site)
and send a link back here so others can visit and have a word filled day!

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31 responses to “Word Filled Wednesday – Smile!

  1. What a great encouragement! What a cutey – makes me smile indeed!

  2. Your post resonates with mine…in so many ways…and it answered my wordless wednesday too…because of the word “shine!”

    I’m trying to embrace the message…thank you!

    Happy WFW!

  3. love this! That verse is neat…I love discovering new scripture and this one is new to me. God colors…what a beautiful description.

    I like the Message, it is a great version of the bible for easy reading.

  4. Sometimes it can be so hard to remember that we can show God’s love through a smile – especially when tired or grumpy. I love your WFW 🙂

  5. Who could resist smiling at this darling child! Love the verse. We should find try to find the best in our circumstances. Have a wonderful smile-filled WFW!


  6. One of my all time favorite verses…! CUTE kiddo too! 😉 ~ and I LOVE that font!

  7. Great truth, cute and clever presentation.

  8. Great reminder. I like to see verses in the Message translation. It makes you think about the verse a little differently!


    Mine is up, too!

  9. Wonderful verse, and picture.

  10. That IS a great reminder from scripture! (What a cutie!) Love your design this week…especially those fonts! = )


  11. A beautiful smile! I can’t but start my day with a smile after seeing this. Have a good one, Amy!

  12. I’m new to this, but I love it. Please add me to the blog roll, too. Thanks for hosting.

  13. I LOVE this…I love the pic, I love the verse and I love the HAPPY font!!
    It’s just the thing to remind us to SMILE!!
    It’s just so CUTE!

    I LOVE those SHINE Scriptures…
    Hugs to you!

  14. What a beautiful reminder that we are light to the world, may we all go out and be light today, shining brightly for Jesus!


  15. I love it! Smile! Mine is up on Pockets of Time. Hope it makes you smile. 🙂

  16. Beautiful. I love to smile unlike the images I posted today for WFW. SHINE!

  17. Fun, bright and holy…… Love it.

  18. Perfect encouragement and reminder for today! Thank You!

  19. Oh what an encouragement! Today I will shine!

    Thanks for the reminder! Have a wonderful WFW!


  20. Oh Amy, she is adorable!! I wish I knew how to make graphics like this.

    Thanks for hosting this meme each week, I really enjoy it!


  21. This picture is enough to bring a smile to anyones’s face! So adorable. What a great message. Thanks for sharing and blessing our day!

  22. I love this verse! The photo fits perfectly. God bless you for making my Wednesday’s wonderful!

  23. The photo fits perfectly with that verse.Wonderful post.

  24. Hi Amy,
    I am about to post. We are moving. Thanks for your lovely reminder.

  25. That little one’s smile is totally contagious!!! Such a treasured verse too!

    Thank you for doing this every week! I so look forward to it!


  26. Very adorable photo, and an encouraging verse! Thanks and Happy WFW!

    I’ve just added my WFW post – even while out of state!

  27. I love that picture! I have no idea howyou add so much to your photos, but I love it!!!

  28. Love that picture, beautiful eyes and the color of hair is wonderful.

  29. What a SWEET verse and ADORABLE picture. You hit a home run again 🙂

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