tackle it tuesday — if i can stay awake!M

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Mr C is in farm show mode, so i’m home alone for the week mostly. I’m not really happy about that, though I know it has to be done.

we’ve been up.. like today at 5 am and I’m tired… Master J is busy being a goof ball and doesn’t want to sleep…

On a really neat note we’ve had visitors early in the morning…

As the kiddo’s like to greet him “Good morning Deer boy!” and hey.. it’s a boy! Bambi!!!

So part of my tackle… how to keep the deer out of my garden! Mr. C said he saw tracks in the garden already, so suggestions???

My other tackle is to wash not only my laundry, but a friend of mine and myself sort clothes and help pass them onto other places (while getting a few freebies myself) so I have 5 garbage bags of clothes to go through, clean and sort!) Wish me luck!!! Anyone need something? lol come on over!!!

on a side note, my internet is having issues (which is why I didn’t post here yesterday… i think it’s the birds sitting on our tower and moved it.. bahh.. i miss the snow when nothing nothing could make it change position! lol.. so if you don’t hear from me, bare with me as I deal with connection!!!


10 responses to “tackle it tuesday — if i can stay awake!M

  1. would that friend of your who will help you sort clothes happen to be me? LOL

    If it is, see you soon, and PUT ON THE COFFEE! 🙂

  2. haha, no it was Lisa who gave me the stuff, but yes, you can come and sort! lol though Miss E has laid claim to all the Dora shirts already! what a turkey! lol
    I’ll start the coffee, french vanilla??

  3. SURE!

    I just Bathed Gemma and we are getting ready.

  4. I always hated sorting through clothes but hated to miss any as the kids grew so fast. Happy TT.

  5. Ah, the clothes sorting tackle. Once again, you have inspired me. I have six bins (gasp) behind me in the office, waiting for the sorting fairy. Maybe she’ll visit today.

  6. My sis-in-law swears by scented dryer sheets to keep the deer out of her garden. She staples them onto to dowels and then stakes them in the garden. Supposedly the scent makes them look elsewhere for breakfast and dinner. It seems to be working for her.

  7. So sweet! I know they are a nuecence (i don’t know how to spell that word. Sorry) and destroy gardens but wow, I would love the miracle of waking up to a deer in my yard!

  8. Deer in the garden – so sorry this city girl has no clue. Sorting laundry with a friends sounds like fun and not as much work.

  9. Aren’t the deer pretty? It would be nice if they would quit eating my flowers!

  10. Wow, you’re going to be pretty busy! good luck with all of that!

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