Tackle it Tuesday – the living room

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well, what a week!

Miss H isn’t feeling well and I”m off to pick her up from my mom’s house.  So that alone has been the tackle as she’s phoning me crying that she wants to come home… i think hormones and a growth spurt have something to do with it.. and probably some sugar and lack of sleep.

My other tackle today was getting a new phone.  I managed to lose mine on Sunday 😦  I think at church, but seeing it’s my home phone as well I can’t wait and nobody seems to be phoning me back… I had it turned off and ordered a new one.

I’m sad it’s not “pink” like my other one, but it’ll do right?

The other big thing I’ve been working on has been moving my book shelves from downstairs and reusing them upstairs (along with all the books) and using it as a wall… if I like it in the long run than I’ll actually build a wall there.  So far I like the feel of it.  It’s just cleaning up the aftermath of it!  Miss H helped move all the books!  now I’ve been going thru putting them in order by type.. all the kids stuff are on the bottom so even Master J can get his fingers on his books w/o taking the whole shelf down!

Sorry I don’t have a total before picture, but here’s what it looks like currently:

Hopefully it will get finished this week, but first going to pick up Miss H cuz she loves and misses me… (I feel bad for her, but glad to know she loves me).

Oh my other tackle is finish my book and reading up on a health book and I have stampin up class tonight!  so going to make some cards!

What are you tackling today?


7 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday – the living room

  1. Oh all those books!!! I love a home filled with books!!!!

    Have fun at your stamp class!!

    Lime green is one of my favorite colors.

  2. I had a room divider of books one side and a sofa the other side. Worked well for a few years then reworked the whole room.
    Got a very big new bookcase for quilting craft magazines last year. Then tried to sort out the rest.
    A new one needed in the bedroom to balance a new TV which is larger than the old one…..but has a DVD. Wanted to keep the VCR and did not have space to take the length of the two together, hence a bigger TV.
    Such fun arranging books.

  3. Aw, sometimes they just want their moms. Here is my my tackle. I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think of the fabric I chose.

  4. Well… Three cheesecakes, a pasta salad, marinating meat for a party and need to come up with some fantastic decoration since my last one fell through!

  5. Stampin up!! Love that. It is so much fun.

    Good post, thats for sharing,


  6. I’m tackling myself. With my heating pad. First I’ll tackle my neck, then my lower back… probably even the back of my legs a bit because all that work I did over the weekend made me useless this week. And, I’m going to milk it for as long as humanly possible. Hehe!

    By the way – your new phone is cool! Your bookshelf is incredible, I love it, and have fun stamping!

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