okay ladies, what time do you put your children to bed (for those of you who have little ones?)

Master J doesn’t seem to sleep well… maybe he’s going to bed too early?  but in that aspect, I’m so tired most nights if he doesn’t go to bed I may keel over.    We’ve been up since 5am with him.  He is our most challenging sleeper right now.  But my real question is the timing for Miss H.  She’s 5.    She doesn’t seem to want to be in bed right now.  Any suggestions?

2 loads of laundry and a trip to the gym has allready progressed this morning.  whatta Monday!


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  1. well… we base it, day to day. When Gen was really little though, it was roughly 8-ish…

  2. Ooh! Bedtime 🙂

    Does Master J take naps? One of my daughters was giving us a hard time when she was about 1-1/2 … hard to put to sleep at night, up very early every morning. When I enforced the naptime, her overstimulation was soothed and she started sleeping better at night too.

    In our house we do a funny thing. About an hour before baths & books & bedtime, Daddy starts in on “careful, the bedtime hour is here.” The girls are convinced that wacky things happen in the hour before bed if you’re not very, very quiet. Goofy, ridiculous things like tickle monsters. It gets them thinking about bedtime anyway.

    Sometimes it makes me crazy though 🙂

  3. I certainly hope someone has suggestions to help you out hon.

  4. plus, I’m sorry to comment-hog, but:

    I’m so inspired by you doing two loads of laundry and the gym already!

  5. When my son was 5 yrs (he’ll be 7 yrs this summer) we began implementing a bedtime of between 8:00 and 8:30pm. We’ve always had a hard time with him and bedtime. He just doesn’t seem to wind down easily… his brain is always going and he just has a hard time going to sleep. So.. what we tried and what seems to work most of the time is that there is no TV past about 6:30 (it seems the later he watches TV, the harder time he has winding down) and also about 30-40 minutes before bedtime we start what we call a quiet time. For us, quiet time means quiet play. No running and jumping, no loud music.. just calm and quiet play. We do alot of reading, coloring, and that sort of play during this time. We follow it up with story time right before lights out and that works for us most of the time.

    We have done the same with my daughter (she will be 4 yrs. in July) and it seems to work well for her, too. About 2-3 months ago we also started slowing dropping nap time for her and that helps, as well. I do still ask that she has about an hour of quiet play (there we go again with that quiet time 🙂 ) in the afternoon, though.

    Hope these ideas might be helpful. I know how hard it is when bedtime is struggle. It’s hard on the kiddos and Mom and Dad need some downtime in the evening, too! 🙂

  6. I put all the kids to bed by 7:30, most people thing that is way too early but I will go insane if I don’t. The kids go right to sleep and sleep until 7 am the next morning so it seems to work for them.

  7. Oh I’d love to say we have a specific bedtime, but with our household it’s usually hit and miss. I make sure my older kids are in bed by 9 (ish), but my youngest makes such a commotion going to bed that we usually keep him up until the siblings are asleep (since they all have to get up early for school). It’s kind of nice to have some one on one time with him, and it’s also nice that he will sleep in late in the morning while everyone else is getting off to school. Then when he wakes up, all is peaceful! My mother-in-law thinks I’m crazy for keeping a 5 year old up until 10 at night, but I think it works for us, so who cares? He gets plenty of sleep, which is good since the boy stopped napping at 9 months… whew!

  8. Our 10 month old and 5 year old are in bed and out like a light at 7:00. Our 3 year old goes down at 7:00 if he has not had a nap. If he has, he plays in his bed for awhile before going to sleep.

    Now that we have 3, we are more flexible and they can go to bed a little later if we have somewhere to be out of the house.

  9. My sons are 3 and 5. The 5 y/o seems to be growing out a nap but I still put them down for a nap everyday around the same time (1 ish) and try not to let them sleep for more than 2 hours, but usually they wake up after 1 hour. The 3 y/0 would sleep for 6 hours when i put him down for a nap and then want to be up till midnight- and that’s NOT GONNA FLY AROUND HERE! mom’s done by 9pm!

    So with the nap thing being worked down to about an hour rest of quiet or sleep we aim for 9pm for bedtime, though I’ve seriously been considering 8pm! I think i need that last hour to unravel before CRASHING at 9pm.

    I think some sort of consistant time, whatever works for a persons family is the key.

    great job with the two loads and the gym already!

    we did a craft of making father’s day cards this morning and rode bikes to the gym. Today’s the first day of my “NO car project” week. I’m deliberately NOT using a car for one week to see what happens.

    I’ll be blogging about it I’m sure!

  10. I have two very different children. My daughter (firstborn, now 4 years old) loves routine and loves to sleep. She started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks and never looked back. She took regular 2-3 hour naps every day (until about 6 months ago) and still slept a full 11 hours every night. Now that she doesn’t nap, she still goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 and sleeps solid until 6 am. Never gets up.

    Our son (almost 3 years old) is a completely different story. Want to meet him? Read “Raising Your Spirited Child” by Mary Kurcinka. I swear she knew my kid before he was born! Anyway, we’ve really struggled to get him to sleep. We’ve tried regulating his naps, his meals, his bedtimes and his stimuli. None of it seemed to work. We’ve finally resigned to the fact he is simply a night-owl and will always be. We eliminated his naps, but still have a “rest time” (quiet play in his room for at least one hour every afternoon) and then let him stay up until he crashes, usually between 9 and 10 pm. He’s a great independent player, so his late hours really don’t cramp our style at all. When we see that he’s ready for bed, he goes down without any trouble and puts himself to sleep. We’re usually up with him one time in the middle of the night (around 2 or 3 because of a wet diaper; he’s lost his blankets or wants a drink of water), then he sleeps in until 8 or later.

    Not sure if this helps or not! 🙂 Every kid has their own biorythms and as long as they don’t interfere with your family’s schedule, I say work with them. If my daughter (a super social extravert) were up until 10 pm, I would lose my mind!! But our son just plays by himself or reads books. We hardly know he’s there. Working with his schedule is a lot easier than fighting to get him to match what “the books” say he should be doing.

  11. Wow, that was a really long comment. SORRY!!

  12. I feel so old… coz I can’t EVEN remember what we did to get our boys to wind down! (They are 21 and 23 now. ) I remember that we used to play ADD? At bedtime, it was great fun for one of us to start making up a story… you would go on for as long as you wanted to and then you would say ADD and point to thee next person… who had to ADD to the story and keep it going. They loved doing this so much and the stories were GREAT and fun, and funny and happy… that … I think we could pretty much bribe them anything to “get” to play ADD at bedtime. heehee The down side is … pretty much everything we “used” to do, and thought was “right” is now a bad thing. How did they survive? hehehaoaoo
    Praying for your bedtime to go more smoothly! Enjoy this “time” because one of these days your babies will be all grown up and living on their own too.

  13. Bedtime is supposed to be 8 here, but DH usually runs late…

    When is yours???

  14. Little Wiseman (11 mo old) goes to bed between 6:30pm-7:00pm. He naps from 9:00am-10:30am and from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Nap times vary. I usually wake him up from morning nap by 10:30 but I do not typically wake him up in the afternoon. He sleeps until anywhere from 7am-8am in the morning if I don’t wake him up.

    Little King (almost 3) goes to bed close to 7pm if he doesn’t nap, but if he naps he goes to bed around 8pm. He is kind of outgrowing naps, so we do quiet time. So bedtime varies.

  15. since my daughter was about 4 mos old (she’s 13.5 mos old now) she’s been going to bed between 630-715p and it works great for her. i’ve always read and been told that “sleep begets sleep” so if your little one is waking up early he might be overtired…perhaps actually an earlier bedtime????? i don’t know when he’s going to bed now or his age (i just found your site today) so maybe that’s bad advise? also consider how well he naps also…that might make some difference also. again…age & so forth makes a big difference. 🙂

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