fri fri fri friday!

It’s been a busy day already.. Miss H went to kindergarten orientation all morning, than we hung out with my friend kelly and had lunch.  She was sweet enough to watch #2,3, & 4 for me while I went with Haven (I should said a true saint for doing that!!!).   It’s hard to believe she will start school in the fall!   We had pizza and than went home.  My mom’s been here, dropping off a few little gifties for Master J.  which he was quite happy about.. a phone , and a car… oh does grandma know what he likes!  I rearranged the living room some more.. my couch and coffee tables… now supper is going to start and the church has offered free babysitting for 2 hours tonight, so Mr. C and I are going to take advantage of it and go for supper all by ourselves!  I’m happy because those moments of total alone time with Mr. C are far and few.

Tomorrow I think we’re doing a bit more cleaning, and hopefully some fun stuff with the kiddos!

What’s on your plate for the weekend?  I hope something fun!!


2 responses to “fri fri fri friday!

  1. cleaning! Organization! Time with Amanda… Gardening… That’s about it… 🙂

  2. sounds like you’re having some fun!

    we are too… a spring fling at school, some chicken wrassling (means playing with the new chicks, ha ha) and some friends over to our house for homemade chocolate cake.

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