Chick Lit anyone?

ahhh sometimes I enjoy light reading. Don’t you? I mean one of those books you can read like you’re watching tv? The latest book I have been into has been

Moon Over Tokyo by Siri L. Mitchell

This book was yummy. It gave you culture and fun combined into one! Not to mention a little romance without getting trashy.

The story is about a young woman who moved to Tokyo to get away from life and become a reporter. As her friend moves back home she prays for someone else to be her friend. You can guess what happens from there… she gets a friend of course, but not one she was expecting!

I think you can relate to the main character Allie well, and it’s interesting to meet her friends/nemisis and her opinions about the others and her life in general. I think it’s the “mind” struggles so many of face.

Anyhow, like I said it is a nice Chick lit book that would be great for say reading at the beach, or just to take a breather and lose yourself in another culture! I will be searching out more Siri Mitchell books I think! The extremely neat thing is if you visit Siri’s website:’s_japan.htm you can see pictures of the places she was talking about in the book! How cool is that?? It really throws things into perspective!

This is part of my SRT! Check out others by clicking the link above!


5 responses to “Chick Lit anyone?

  1. Never even heard of the author, but it’s always nice to hear of a book someone likes!

  2. This sounds like just what I need for a good summer book to read out by the pool!

  3. Ok, I am easily lead astray. First I tried my local library and I may try to pass it onto them when I finish and see if they will get any others of hers.
    I went to Amazon and got it as a second hand one for $7,50. Now wait up to 8 weeks.
    I am used to the 8 days of GP bags with fabric and I hate the longer delay with DVD’s or books.
    But let patience have her perfect work and I am sure it will be good to have a light novel I own rather than have borrowed, tucked away for a special time. Thanks for the link. And thanks also for your visit. I played a while longer and added some pictures……lol, just because I could.
    From 1.12AM in the land of Oz

  4. You are such a good reviewer. Chick lit isn’t much of my thing, but you made me want to read this!

  5. Hey;
    AWESOME to see your thoughts on a book today. I think our heads were in the same cloud today! ~ I love to read as well.
    Have a blessed day!’

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