Be still and wait– WFW

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Ps 37:7Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.
Miss H was sitting so quietly on the chair singing softly as she was watching the gophers out the window… I couldn’t help but snap a shot of her.  It reminds me how much God gives us when we are patient and still!

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34 responses to “Be still and wait– WFW

  1. I almost chose that very same verse. Isn’t that funny. It is one of my favorites.

    Beautiful young girl. Is she your daughter?

    Have a great WFW.


  2. She is so lovely, wonderful verse sweetie.

  3. Very encouraging verse. I am learning to wait upon our Lord daily and He is faithful to strengthen me. Thanks for sharing this lovely pic and verse. Blessed WFW!

  4. THAT is a verse that I remind myself of daily girl!
    I have “trouble” with being STILL at times….ever heard of Martha….

    What a beautiful shot of her…the peace and wonder on her face……

    I say it every week…thank you for hosting this one…it’s such a blessing!

  5. Oh what a beautiful reminder! So often I find myself impatient and fretting. I have to remind myself to let it go and be still.

  6. She is so beautiful, Amy! Great picture.

    I think God must be trying to tell me something…. I have run across the verse in “blogland” at least half a dozen times since the end of last week!

    Happy WFW!

  7. What a beautiful scripture reminder for this breathtaking photo. Thank you for sharing!

  8. What a beautiful picture and biblical truth! Truly captured and a blessing to my day!

  9. A beautiful picture and scripture!
    Thank you for sharing and hosting!
    Be blessed!

  10. Wow! I was going to post the same verse, but than my daughter needed me to do the one I did instead. Cool how the Lord is speaking to me through both, however!

    Thanks for the book and note! I got it yesterday and can’t wait to read it!


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  12. I love that verse. Beautiful photo too. Mine is up on my Scooter and B blog.

  13. Very precious.
    Great reminder that God is dependable.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday Amy!

  14. Beautiful.

    I have mine up but am having problems with the picture, hope to get it fixed soon.


  15. Adorable! That would be a great poster. I love the verse, too.

    Mine is up now, too!


  16. What a beautiful photo and a great reminder to wait of the Lord!

  17. Beautiful little girl, and the word PATIENTLY grips my heart.
    In HIM,

  18. I love that verse and I REALLY need to hear it right now!!!

    I’ve got to get my hands on photoshop!!!!

    Your photo is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  19. That is a beautiful photo and verse!! You are such a talented photographer and I LOVE coming here each week to see what you are posting!! Also, I am reminded that I need to schedule a family portrait soon, it has been too long…..


  20. What a lovely way to illustrate this amazing verse. And I love your caption too.
    Thanks so much. BTW were you thinking of me when you chose that verse? I am trying to wait patiently but it is difficult.
    Oh my mother received the package yesterday. She called me and she loved it when I told her to open it. She had a grand time. You would have thought it was for her! I got an apron in the mail too so she had a lovely time!
    Have a great day.

  21. I’m late I’m late I’m late for the tea party! Lol

    Beautiful verse and I felt like God was telling me to just ….breathe………it will all work out.

  22. You picked a good one this week! How many of us women actually be STILL and WAIT and are PATIENT? It’s a lesson we can all stand to hear on a daily basis… thanks so much for sharing. I posted a verse today too!

  23. I love this verse. It’s amazing what can happen when one is still and paitent. Beautiful picture–I like the effects you chose. Happy WFW!

  24. That is absolutely gorgeous. The photo is beautiful, the text and the fonts you chose are perfect.

  25. I just stumbled across your site and it is lovely. I would like to be added to your blogroll. I am a Bible study writer for moms and a weekly Bible teacher for moms in Memphis, TN. at Bellevue Baptist Church. If you think I might have something to add, please zip over to my site and leave me a note-when you have time-like that is ever going to happen! I have raised and released 2 godly men. Now as an empty nester I am committed to staying in the trenches and serving the Lord by raising up the next generation of godly moms-like you! Blessings galore. Jean Stockdale at I also have a webstie at I look forward to hearing from you.

  26. Thanks Amy for your sweet encouragement.
    It brings tears to my eyes.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  27. I just love that verse…and such a reminder to be patient and wait for He knows what’s best for me…even when I am antsy and ready for soemthing else.

  28. Beautiful picture and beautiful verse…thanks for sharing this blessing with us.

  29. Hey Amydeanne~ I’m anxious to see “your” scrabbled wfw too! winkwink

  30. I love that picture, it is precious, and the verse is a wonderful one… I too used one about “being still” today…

    Have a blessed day!

  31. Great verse and photo … I need to be still more often.

    I am on Mr. Linkie twice … the second one has the right link to WFW … feel free to remove the first one

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