Tackle it Tuesday -Pantry problems

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So, last week I tacked…

1. getting packages to mail b/c I had a delay in getting some photo’s back, but they are ready to go out!

2. research on the biofeedback I received last night.

3. Decide on a shower gift for my nephew

4. work on cleaning the counter

5. go to curves and sign up for their 30 day trial with my friend K.

My tackle last night… as part of the degerming my house,and organizing again is my spring pantry cleaning



It was nasty.. cheerios must have had a war in there b/c I think I found about a half a box of them all over the floor.. my dog was quite happy about that! not to self.. keep cereal up where little hands can’t reach!

Happy Tackling!!


6 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday -Pantry problems

  1. you know, i have got to start making a tackle tuesday list… i do much better with a tight deadline!! todays tackle will be making a list for next week lol…

    nice job on the pantry!

  2. Amazing tackle! We have lots of Cheerios at our house too. 🙂

  3. Wow! that’s impressive (and inspiring!) = )

  4. Great job!! I tackled my pantry a few weeks ago and I’m pleased to announce that cheerio wars and rice raids have ceased.

  5. OOOOO NICE JOB! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! !
    That’s when its nice to say, I tackled Tuesday! 😉

  6. Nice tackle! I like your little colored baskets. I need some of those in my bathroom closet.

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