It’s friday again…

So it’s Friday again.

I’ve got no words of wisdom.  I put my knee out of place when I went to Curves on Wed. this week, so I’m still whiny over that.. it was my own fault for going on the stepper when I knew it wouldn’t feel right.

Nothing serious though.  good good.

Today My dad is coming over for Master J’s birthday party, along with about 20 other family/friends.  So I”m off to clean and organize.  We’re going hot dogs and marshmellows outside.. should be fun!  I still can’t believe my baby is one!  That was a very fast and sleepless year! lol

What’s your plans for the weekend?


8 responses to “It’s friday again…

  1. How wise of you to limit the menu to hotdogs and marshmallows with that crowd! Keep it simple and it will be more fun for Mommy! Enjoy your little guys celebration. I’m going to Seattle to see my 29, 27 and 22 year old babies! Yippeeeeee…

  2. DEFINITELY no hot dogs this weekend… or marshmallows either. hahaha! Ok, so I’m still thinking about this PAST weekend and I feel bloated when those two food topics come up.

    How about a hot tub for that knee? I might be on to something here.

  3. Poor knee!

    Happy Birthday J!

    I plan to work a bit more on my garden. I am going to save money by taking cuttings off of a few of my mom’s beautiful plants. I’m going to re-work the side yard and plant two kinds of tomatoes a red bell pepper. I also want to rototill and plant grass in an open area on the side that gets a lot of shade, so the boys can play while I garden. We really don’t have much room, but not everyone can have 160 acres, no matter how much they dream about it. 🙂

    We are also swapping our entire house around, so hopefully that will start this weekend as well. Our office is moving into the boys playroom, their playroom is moving into their bedroom, their bedroom is moving into our bedroom, and our bedroom is moving into the old office. Whew, makes me tired just typing all of that out! And I am not nesting. It was my husband’s idea and he really had to talk me into, but now that I am on board I just want to get it done.

    It’s a good thing my morning sickness is history and my energy levels are on the rise. 🙂

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. My baby will be 15 in about 2 weeks! It is unbelivable, isnt’ it! They grow so fast! Let’s see this weekend…I have no idea! Sean’s been home for the last three days (regular days off) but it has been a long time since we’ve been able to spend his days off together. It’s been wonderful! I think I will work on cleaning house this weekend, or going to my parent’s house to work on that so we can sell it soon. I start Summer School next Monday. Have a great time!

  5. Oh Boy! I can remember so well when our JJ turned one. That seems like yesterday and one hundred years ago all at the same time!


  6. Happy Birthday to your baby! I hope the celebration is wonderful. And that you feel better soon.

  7. Have fun at your party! We may go to a homeschool conference tomorrow or just relax.

  8. I hope your knee gets better.

    Happy Birthday to J. Hope you enjoy the party.

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