Spa Treatments for your body and soul!

Spa Treatments for Your Body and Soul Tranquil Moments to Refresh Your Spirit by Janie Seltzer

Stressed?  This small, but powerful gift book can give you a little boost!

This is a wonderful book for you, or one of your girlfriends!  The artwork in here is lovely, the words are refreshing, Bible based, and some neat lovely ideas to refresh your spirit!

I have it in my bathroom for visitors looking for something to enjoy.. give my room that spa-ish feeling!  It is enjoyable for a short read, and easy to use a starter for your own devotions.  It is encouraging, and a wonderful reminder that we need to take care of ourselves inside and out!

A great gift idea for one of your friends (or sisters) – especially paired with a spa gift certificate, or spa treats!

I must admit the art in this book is my favorite part about it.. I’d be lying if I said otherwise.  It’s inspiring for me not only for my own art, but also the pictures for my bathroom lol.  The whole book is just one beautiful artwork as far as I’m concerned.   Which is a spa experience for me!!  (more affordable too! *S*)  Any of my friends who enjoy WFW will love this book!

The quote from the book that I like is (please remember it’s not as pretty as it looks in the book!  She has it written so neat!):

In solitude, I gather up all the loose ends of my soul like yellow chicks that scurry and flurry in all directions.  I gather each one and tuck them under my wings where they must wait to be reordered according to some grand scheme that I cannot see and do not know but works when I trust and follow it.

God Bless and happy Thursday!!

This is part of my SRT! Check out others by clicking the link above!


2 responses to “Spa Treatments for your body and soul!

  1. You are such a good reviewer

  2. Sounds like a good read!

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