Tackle it Tuesday.. this and that.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So, today I’m tackling…

1. getting packages to mail b/c I had a delay in getting some photo’s back, but they are ready to go out!

2. research on the biofeedback I received last night.

3. Decide on a shower gift for my nephew

4. work on cleaning the counter

5. go to curves and sign up for their 30 day trial with my friend K.

My tackle last night… as part of the degerming my house, I did the bathroom from top to bottom, including the walls and baseboards!




Happy Tackling!!


6 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday.. this and that.

  1. I am very curious to hear how the biofeedback went! I think i may try it. okay okay, i am interested in the clean counters too lol ….

  2. Good job! Quite a list. My house sits neglected, so I am a little jealous.

  3. I just bought my new nephew a baby gift too! Great job on the bathroom!

  4. I love the mirror and the sink.
    What a great tackle. So bright and cheery now!

  5. I hope you got a lot from your list done. And the bathroom looks great!! Hope it’s all de-germed now.

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