Total make over

kay, i’m almost embarrassed to post this lol.

my pre-makeover picture.

I was sick the day I took it, and being the dork I am, I had to highlight my flaws:

and here it the story I wrote with it:

Why do I need a total makeover?

Oh well, I think when you see me, it’s quite obvious! I basically have been pregnant for 5 years straight.

I have 4 children,

  • H: ages 5 (who was 2 weeks late and put me on bed rest for 7 months),
  • I had a miscarriage when H was 6 months.
  • P.:a 3.5 yr old boy (who is so busy, that I can’t keep up in cleaning the messes he makes or his laundry,
  • E: a 2.5 year old (yes, they are exactly 11 months apart to the day!.. #2, and #3 look like twins… and she follows suit in making messes that I can’t keep on top of) and
  • J, #4, who just turned 10 months old (he spent the first 2 weeks in NICU as he came at 35 weeks and stopped breathing.. so basically I’ve been trying to recover from giving birth for the past 5 years

Why do I have 4 children so close together? Well, after years of infertility and 2 losses earlier, God has an extremely funny sense of humor.

We moved 2 weeks after we had #4, so I’m working on establishing a new house with order (which is on a farm, and I’m so not a farm girl.. next door to my in-laws, which is interesting enough to say the least!). So basically if I wasn’t pregnant, I was recovering from my pregnancy (all cesareans), or being on bed rest, or pregnant again, or trying to pack up and move our household while I was pregnant and with a new born and 3 toddlers!

With each pregnancy I have been in for dental work.. ie. #1 – wisdom tooth caused pain so got that pulled after the pregnancy b/c they wouldn’t do it while I was pregnant, #2 I got a root canal, #3 was a wisdom and root canal, but the wisdom didn’t happen till after #4, where I had 2 teeth pulled b/c of the pain and migraines. (so that was actually 5 teeth.. 3 wisdom teeth and 2 root canals and still waiting for another root canal to get fixed!) I also suffered with post partum after #2 on.. I can happily say I’m free of now (3 months and counting!)

I have had no time for myself, and am in desperate need of anything that would allow me to resemble a woman of some sorts.. the last 3 times I’ve went to the hair dresser they have butchered my hair so bad that I’ve done nothing but cry. My skin feels like I’m a teenager again with blemishes and all (I’m almost 33, so this is not a good thing!)… all the clothes I wore before I was pregnant so don’t fit (was a size 3.. now a plus size… not a good thing)

… the last time hubby and I had a break was in 2004 when I was pregnant with #2; we went on a vacation.. with #1 coming a long. We have never went on a vacation, unless you consider my trips for 4 c-sections to the hospital.. yes, all by c-sections- holidays!

I love my family, my children, my husband.. I literally give all for making them have things; and in so have extremely neglected myself. There were points where I had three in diapers, and spent my days doing nothing but changing diapers and giving bottles/sippy cups. I’ve lost myself in this sea of motherhood. Don’t get me wrong; i wouldn’t change my life.. i love my children, but I would like to function again. I have a full day and sleepless nights as at least one or two are up in the middle of the night! I’m lucky if I remember my name on any given name; my motor skills have been reduced to futile movements of a sleep deprived, caffeine addict mother.

So back to the question, why do I need a total makeover? Basically because you can’t get any worse than this! lol I’d make a good before and after picture for you! I think most of all I desperately need it!

Thanks for giving me consideration in the total makeover!



so Here is my after picture:

They did professional ones, so i’ll get those later.

They walked me down the centre of the stage to “She’s a Lady” lol.. it was pretty funny. I had a great time!  They put streaks in my hair and colored it darker, which was great, painted my nails, did my make up and bought me a new outfit.

What do you think?


19 responses to “Total make over

  1. HOT MAMA!!! I am so happy and proud for you Amy! I had a blast tagging along for this makeover… and reaping the benefits too!

  2. Amy, I’m so glad you were able to get this makeover! You are so beautiful and look like you had such a great day… love the smile on your face.

  3. You look beautiful! Loved your story – God definitely has a sense of humor.

  4. goodness! You look terrific! I’m thrilled for you. What a HUGE blessing Amydeanne.


  5. You look SMASHING! I have tears rolling down my cheeks. I know the feeling of being perpetually pregnant, and moving, and changing diapers while on “bedrest.” And I personally think your before pics are cute — the labels make it funny. And the after, well, I’m betting your hubby was glad to see you so gorgeous!

  6. You are a beautiful young woman! What a lovely smile too!

  7. You look great! So glad you were able to get away and have a makeover!

  8. WOW Amy, you look great!! I’ve been to that ladies thing before, and it is fun, also very amazing to see the total makeovers, now I wish we would have gone this year!! You look awesome! Hope you had fun while they did all of it!!

  9. And flowers too! 🙂 So happy for you that this was a pleasant experience. So sad to see what a difficult 6 years you’ve had. Wishing you some more-than-well-deserved rest at last.

  10. Oh wow – what a hot mama! Your make over was great. That must have been lots of fun to do.

  11. You so inspire me as always!! You take the steps necessary to nurture yourself and it’s awesome. You are beautiful inside and out!!!

  12. That was awesome! Nearly crying while laughing!

    You look amazing! Truly beautiful. Your inside beauty shines out in what you wrote and your outside beauty just got to follow suit!


  13. You look great! I’m glad you had such a wonderful experience. You deserve it!

  14. You look beautiful and you are so deserving!

  15. Fabulous!! Enjoy…

  16. What GREAT FUN!! Beautiful inside and out!

  17. Amy, you look AMAZING! I admire you with all that you’ve been through…and still strong! I love you!

  18. Great makeover! After 4 kids in 5 years you deserved it!

  19. GIRL….you look fabulous! How deserving….WOW! do you feel like a DIVA!

    What a blessing you are…what JOY that you got to do this!!


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