a little sweetheart

I thought you’d enjoy seeing pictures of the last photo shoot I did for my friend!  There is nothing more I enjoy than doing newborn baby shots! They are so workable and so much fun.

Isn’t this little one such a sweet cherub?  She’s soooo squeezable! I got blessed with doing her pictures at only 6 days old!

I actually agreed to do a family in a few weeks here.. I don’t do them very often b/c I’m so busy with my own kiddos, but I was in the mood, so wish me luck on doing a great job for them.  I really worry about how well they turn out and pray that they will enjoy their photos as much as I enjoy taking them!


9 responses to “a little sweetheart

  1. Oh my good’nis!
    That is such great photography, and quite an adorable subject!

  2. How beautiful! And only six days old. Wow.

  3. Oh, man what a cutie indeed! What a blessing to get to snap pic after pic of such sweetness.

  4. so adorable!!! Great job!

  5. What a little angel…especially the sleeping picture! (Sigh!) Great work! Hope you post some of the family shots, too! *Ü*


  6. Pop on over to Confessions of an Apron Queen to check up on the $50 vintage apron giveaway! You’re a semi-finalist! Woo Hoo!!


  7. Beautiful photos! You do great work.

  8. WHAT a gift you give when you do this…..
    they are just beautiful!!
    You are blessed with a gift….and how special it is that you share it with others….


  9. What a gift you have! Wish you were here in Iowa! I would have you do my family!!!!!!!

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