Mmmmmmmm Chocolate Kisses

no, I’m not talking about those little yummy candies.. though it does have that feeling.. I’m talking about a book!

This book is hilarious! I was laughing and lovin it so much, hubby had to read it along side of me! I was actually surprised he wanted to. So that alone was encouraging!

Each chapter contains questions at the end to answer, a scripture verse, a “good night kiss” (something you should be saying to your spouse), and a funny quote. Cindy has laced the book with humor, personal experience, quotes from respected Christian authors such as Dr. Leman, but mostly the desire to show Christ in your marriage. Not to mention it is extremely funny that her husband has the same name as mine, so it really felt like I was reading some of my own experiences from the past years as she describes them.

We worked through some of the questions, and found Cindy’s questions really relevant to our marriage life. Cindy is insightful and her experience, information she provides is extremely relevant in today’s marriages. This is a book that i wish I would have read 10 years ago… and if I read it 10 years ago, I wish I would have been smart enough to take the advice and practice the ideas given in the book. She dispells some of the myths that WE ALL HAVE about marriage.. and oh will you laugh!! BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU’VE BEEN THERE! I love the fact through the humor there is truth. We’re not alone in our struggles and many many of experience similar paths one way or another.

My favorite parts are the “good night kiss”. It made me smile and my husband smile every time I said them.

This is a book that I think any Christian couple could benefit from -whether you’ve been married 1 year, or 50 years. It is encouraging and will bless your marriage.

I think you can read this book a few ways. She suggests to read a chapter a week. We sort of just started reading, spent time on the stuff we needed to work on.. used some of the charts, questionnaires, but mostly read together and talked.

Type: Marriage manual/guide/help

rating: I’d rate this book a 5! I read it, enjoyed it, and will probably give out at future weddings I attend!

As a fun ending, I’ll leave you with a wonderful list from Cindy’s book.

“Instead of “50 ways to leave your lover,” lets look at 50 ways to love your husband (I’m giving you the first 15 20 cuz they are pretty fun! You’ll have to check out the book for the rest!!)

  1. Buy his favorite ice creame.
  2. Shave your legs.
  3. Buy satin sheets and initiate a surprise passionate encounter.
  4. Brag on him when others can hear you.
  5. Pray for him
  6. Keep his confidences.
  7. Do the unexpected.
  8. Be hospitable to his friends.
  9. Pick a day and let him sleep in.
  10. Send him a cookie bouquet at work.
  11. Wake him in the middle of the night to make love –set the alarm if you have to.
  12. Admire his muscles without laughing.
  13. View him as if from another woman’s eyes.
  14. Keep a list of the things he says he wants, or would like to do–whenever possible do something from the list for him.
  15. Begin to fulfill that list a little at a time.
  16. Laugh together, especially at your own private jokes.
  17. Rent old movies. Watch it together in bed with popcorn and cocoa.
  18. Take a walk in the rain holding hands.
  19. Sleep without your pajamas on.
  20. Hold hands as you fall asleep.

ooooooooo i could go on.. because the list gets better and better! lol but I’ll stop there!

I challenge you to pick one from the list and do it today/tonight! 🙂 and don’t forget to say “I’m so glad I married you.” It really does an amazing thing…

Thanks for reading this far!

This is part of my SRT! Check out others by clicking the link above!


9 responses to “Mmmmmmmm Chocolate Kisses

  1. I just printed off a 40% coupon from Borders this morning and we are headed to the bigger bigger city today…this is on my list 🙂

  2. Oh how I need this book. My marriage is at a very low point right now. We are actually starting counseling on Monday with our church counselor. I will be getting this book soon. Thanks for the post, it was a blessing I saw it today.

  3. Great post. This sounds like a must read book. He’s the one who wrote Sheet music, right?

  4. Cindy? she’s a woman…She has a great list of books:

    And Dr. Leman
    I had the honor of seeing him once when we lived in KS, he was an excellent speaker

  5. Oh I love a good book recommendation! I will put this on my list because you have made me want to read it NOW. Awhile back, I posted a recommendation of For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. It was amazing (and funny!) It takes a LOT for me to recommend a book – but it looks like Chocolate Kisses might make the cut! Thanks again!

  6. This is an excellent book. I bought her book at the Hearts at Home conference this year after attending her workshop.

  7. These suggestions sound fun…thanks for sharing them! 😉

  8. Hey, what a great book review. I’m going to add this book to my (already way too long) wish list. Thanks! :~D

  9. I love this book :o) and I love reading the positive things people say about their husbands!!! Thank you for sharing :o) AND thank you for praying for the requests!!! You are a blessing :o)

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