Word Filled Wednesday – and the winner is!

Welcome to Word-Filled Wednesday!

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The Lord your God is with you, he is might to save,

He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love

he will rejoice over you with singing

Zephaniah 3:17

(click on it for larger view)

The purpose of Word filled Wednesday is to share God’s word through photo’s & a Bible verse!

download it,
read it,
print it,
share with others!

If You’d like to join us for Word Filled Wednesday,
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I was thrilled with the response of all the verse, I may have to do a few more up! But my favorite that worked-inspired me was todays verse.. so there are two winners! (Because they choose the same verse)

Sherry from the Journey Back


Christy from Critty Joy

Thanks to everyone who gave me a verse! I hope you had fun. Maybe another chance next month!?

Both ladies will receive a print of the verse/photograph and a treat to go with it!! please email me your addy’s so I can send them to you ladies! (the160acrewoods (at) yahoo (dot) ca)


33 responses to “Word Filled Wednesday – and the winner is!

  1. I love this verse and love all the layers of your picture! Beautiful!!

  2. This verse is very encouraging. Thank God He is with us! Love your picture 🙂

    Blessed WFW!

  3. Love this. I am not ashamed of the gospel either and so thankful he is letting me spread the word.

  4. Amy,
    THAT is awesome! I have to tell you…wow! How COOL is that verse!

    You won’t believe what I did…bought photoshop with my birthday money…bought it for a MAC…ugh…back to staples to plead my case…since receipts and I have problems….All I want is my photoshop….
    God is trying to teach me some PATIENCE I sense!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Amy,

    What a powerful verse, a great one to memorize! You are so talented. Have a blessed day today♥

  6. Amy, this is one of my most favorite verses! Thank you for reminding me of this truth this morning. I really needed to read it!


  7. Wow. I wasn’t going to post this morning because I didn’t think I would have time but woke up early. And wow I am glad I did. I came by to up your post and then came back to link and look what I found. I am still sleepy it is way to early for me but you made me smile again.
    Thanks you Bless.

  8. I LOVE today’s verse and graphic. I’m constantly in AWE of how creative you are!

    I missed getting to post with you guys last week.. after scrolling down and seeing that sweet baby and the Proverbs 17:17 verse my heart melted. How PRECIOUS was THAT??? I LOVE IT!

    Oh, one other thing.. You asked if the birds in my last “WFW” post were photoshopped… I “borrowed” that picture from google images so I honestly couldn’t tell you. LOL!

    Have a GREAT Wednesday!


    PS.. I love the pictures of you and your hubby too. You’re a really pretty lady. 😉

  9. Wow! This week’s is just gorgeous! What a beautiful and empowering scripture. Thanks for sharing. = )


  10. That is such a lovely encouraging verse. Wonderful things to think about. And you illustrated it beautifully. Have a fabulous Wednesday…

  11. Love it Amy! I look forward to this every week Thanks.

  12. Beautiful as usual Amy! I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. It is great to put one up today….

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  14. Sherry and Christy, congratulations!! That is fantastic!

    That is a very hopefilled and encouraging verse! The sky is gray today, but as I read that verse, it makes my heart sing out loud to the Lord.

  15. That is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  16. http://zetor-mogsblog.blogspot.com/2008/05/word-filled-wednesday_14.html
    This verse really makes me STOP and dwell in peace and quiet.

  17. I just love that verse and I’m so thankful I found your site. It is a true blessing!

  18. Good morning,
    I SO love coming here… what a blessing….
    God bless you ALL.

  19. This is one of my favorite verses! I love the way you illustrated it!

    My post is up!

  20. Thank you for such a beautiful graphic to go with a most encouraging scripture. It brings tears to my eyes. I posted too… wish I could do it as beautifully as you… but I am blessed so much by your gift!

  21. Hi Amy,

    Great verse. So powerful. Love the picture. So perfect.

    Have a Great Day!

  22. Yet another verse to add to my list of those to memorize. Beautiful!

    I put some cute, little baby feet up on my blog this morning. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  23. Once again…STUNNING! And one of my favorite, treasured, words of Love in the scriptures is that verse!

    I’m lovin’ WFW!


    Have a wonderful…blessed day!

  25. Great picture!
    Be blessed!
    Terri Sue

  26. Nice picture, and verse.

  27. Wonderful verse, and one that’s less well known.

  28. Love the verse and picture with it!
    Have a great week!

  29. Oh dear I am a little choked up to see that verse with that beautiful photo! It is beautiful!

    I would love to be added to the blogroll I just put my WFW up…my first try with a photo and a verse…and I had a great time :o)

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  31. One of my favorite verses of all time!! What a beautiful job!!

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