Are you a pecker?

okay, okay I couldn’t resist the title.. sorry..

are you a pecker.. you know like a chicken.. finger pecking the keyboard or can you actually type?

Try this fun little test!

73 words

Speed test


8 responses to “Are you a pecker?

  1. I am a super fast typer… But can’t do typing tests. I can type like lightening, maintain a conversation and never look at the screen OR the keyboard, but at the person I am talking to. It’s a phenomenon which FREAKS my family out… BUT put a typing test out, and I panic internally… Weird, right?

  2. Okay, I must admit that some of the time I am a pecker! I actually have a weird way of typing. I only use the second fingers of each hand and I can go at a pretty good clip! LOL!

  3. I’m a ligit typist…pretty fast…but I have to look a the keys a lot of the time which screws up typing tests…:) thats a no no…

  4. I can type pretty fast and always enjoy taking these tests. Thanks for sharing the links. That was fun!

  5. You have given me the giggles with your past few posts πŸ˜‰

  6. yeah what i was trying to say is i did 104 words per minute. on my blog recently i posted 2 and it was about that

  7. hi saw you on Heather’s page and i didn’t just want to “lurk” πŸ™‚ this was neat. glad i came by!

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