jiffy pots

for those who don’t know what  a jiffy pot is!


9 responses to “jiffy pots

  1. Me likes jiffy pots!

  2. they work great! you can grow gardens inside in the winter! Walmart or actually any of the local stores sell them here!

  3. really? in the winter? They don’t leak?

  4. Sometimes they weep… the best part for us tho is that you can plant the whole pot in the ground! And then the roots don’t get disturbed.

  5. Oooo…I like.

    I wonder if they will help the plants like me more; Me and plants have this not so great relationship and they seem to not do well under my care. I think it has something to do with the shock that I’m going to take care of them.

  6. sorry bout this But I tried to post my WFW today and my wesite addy comes up incorrect. I tried to post another comment and it is not letting me. Is there anyway you can fix it.


  7. trying to post to WFW my website addy is incorrect on the comment page and I tried to post another but it will not let me. is there anyway you could fix it .

  8. I am also going to start doing WFW on my mother site. check it out
    can you add this to the side bar, Amy?

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