God has a plan

While I really wanted to write a post today about the new book I’m reading!

O2: Breathing New Life Into Faith by Richard Dahlstrom , but I didn’t quite finish it yet, so you’ll have to wait to next week to read my review! All I can say it’s amazing! But that’s all i’m going to say! I don’t want to give it away until than. Next week you’ll hear more!

So new books! What are you reading? What are you reading to your children?….

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4 responses to “God has a plan

  1. I’m reading The Shack. It’s been really good. In fact my hubby and I are reading it together.

  2. OK, so now I’m really curious! I’ll be back. :~D

  3. I will have to check that out! It sounds amazing…

  4. I started reading Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe for myself and True Survival Stories with my boys.

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