my secrets..

… and we’re all still sick. I’m really praying that we can shake this sickness off. We’ve been out of commission for a week now. Please pray we all get better and can start maintaining health!!

Onto other things!

I know a lot of people ask me how I do my wordfilled Wednesday posts. I thought I’d offer some of the tools I use, in no particular order.

  • I use paintshop pro X. You can download a trial version HERE. Or to buy a full version from Corel, go HERE.
  • If you go to you can find a lot of trial programs and free programs that cost you nothing to use!!
  • has a lot of information for learning digital photography if you’re not really sure what you’re doing, or would like some pointers!
  • is where I found a lot of different fonts! Some are trial versions, and some you need to remember to give credit when you use them. I usually keep track of that in my “image -> properties” area, so when I print them in a book or something, I have knowledge of the name of font I used.
  • has a lot of ideas not just on scrapbooking, but photography and layout designing. I have found a lot of their stuff helpful!
  • As far as printing goes. Our local Dollar Store has some fine photo paper that I use, if I want to print out on my printer. I have a pixma 150. It costs me approx. $1.00 to print out off my printer, I usually buy my frame first before printing so I know what I want it to look like in the end as far as sizing goes!

Did I miss something? Feel free to ask me anything about my photography/digital altering here!


8 responses to “my secrets..

  1. Your such a sweetie…now a new font place to obsess over, heehe

  2. We will pray for your family’s speedy recovery. It is lousy to be sick. And thank you for the how-to helps (although you left out your amazing talent that puts it all together!).

  3. Please get well soon! I have never been able to learn paintshop pro. It is just to much for my brain to comprehend!

  4. I love it when you give away your secrets…..I am such an Amy groupie….I mean fan. 😉 I pray that wellness soon appears for everyone!!! You are such a creative inspiration for me and I have learned so so much from you!! P.S. I framed my Got MH? yesterday and it now hangs in my office!!!

  5. One day (soon I hope) I’ll take the time to play around with this. Thanks for the tips AND for the heads up on the affordable photo paper. I’ll have to check out our local Dollar Store. :~D

  6. I pray you all feel better soon.

  7. I am praying for you and family, Amy. Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing the tips and links. Take care and blessed Lord’s day.

  8. Amy, you’re awesome! Thanks for always sharing your gifts and encouragement!

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