Glad I’m a mom!

why am I glad I’m a mom?

Well first and foremost, I think it’s a total blessing from God to be able to be a mother.

It is something that after many years of infertility that I never thought would happen. And now that I am, I can’t imagine life without my precious little chick-lets…

they drive me crazy, teach me things,

and love me…. because I am their mom… they are a total gift and I really do count my blessings over them.

I am glad I’m a mom because I get to re-live life through their eyes… fresh, new, unaffected by the years.

I love being a mom because I get snuggled, and get to give snuggles,

I love being a mom because I get to buy cute little outfits, and kiss boo-boos

I love being a mom because I have the privilege to teach my children to love the Lord…

Why do you love being a mom?

Head over to Extravagant grace and enter in the contest to win a great book from Harvest House Publishers called: I’m Glad I’m a Mom.


2 responses to “Glad I’m a mom!

  1. You are very blessed to be a mom. I would have so enjoyed being a mom. And then God made me a mom in a different way, by being a mom to our neice. She may be in a facility but we love her just the same.
    Treasure those darling children!

  2. Amy, what a great list! So sweet and real! Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

    Blessings, and love,

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