do you?

do you ever wish you could verbal vomit in your blog?

I mean, I know there are many people who just tell everything, about everyone.. when people hurt you, or do things that they shouldn’t.. say really stupid things, etc…

I sometimes wish I could, yet I have to think of the true consequences… not so often that the person is going to read my blog… (my family for some odd reason doesn’t read my blog — or at least not that i’m aware of).. but just for the fact that I refuse to sink that low…. self control… oh yes, that’s the word I’m scrounging for..

So pray for me as I may mess up in real life and though am giving the right information, do it without hindering their faith (or step towards faith) and that God will provide me with enough control that I won’t feel like I’ve bent too much ..

(and about 20 minutes later….)

Here’s a bookmark that will help me with it… maybe you too?

Feel free to download it:

okay, onto better things now that I’ve got that off my chest in a weirdly round about way!

We put up another table the other day. I’ve got a small round table for the kitchen now; which actually works well b/c it is so small.. and with all the little people they don’t feel like they’re so far that they’re not sitting by us…

What’s your plans for the weekend?

I’m going to read!!! I’m so excited I got a new stack of books yesterday! I’m ready to dive into them!

Happy Weekend !!! I’ll be back on Monday!!!


9 responses to “do you?

  1. next time i come over, can you teach me to download those things?!

    oh, and i got a new table too! a round one that is white… unfortunately , my kijiji was set to EDMONTON , so i won’t be able to get it for a while!! but my sister was nice enough to offer to go pick it up for me. lol

  2. Neat for th new table. Love your “rules” AMEN. This weekend? Read, laundry, hopefully mop (have not done that exercise program like I mentioned =), and SLEEP.

  3. “right click and save as”

  4. Beautiful and I like your new design. I think it is great to post honestly, but without hurting others.

  5. I know exactly what you mean and slowly I am getting better at just keep some stuff to myself but it’s really hard!
    I hope your day is going good!

  6. It is easier for me to keep things in than to speak my mind. But I still occasionally really have to bite my tongue. I think I will cross stitch this weekend. Looks like it will be to cold to set out!

  7. Great word picture with those “verbal vomit” words! It certainly drives the point home. I’m all for sharing, but if we slander others it’s just as offensive as real vomit, isn’t it? And trust me, I was a labor and delivery nurse for many years. I know all about vomit- up close, personal, and right in your face. YUCKY!

  8. Well you know me…..when I ‘vomit’ I try to do it so it doesn’t ‘splatter’ 😉

  9. The post brought a lot of thought to mind how, though this is a blog, and it’s a personal blog…if we are sharing our faith that we have just as much a responsibility online as we would in real life of guarding our tongues and not sharing to harm or gossip or slander as we would in real life.

    Love the term..verbal vomit…Is that a word that can be enter in the dictionary? LOL

    God bless on this beautiful Sunday.

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