warmer weather

while it’s not extremely warm here, but warm enough to play outside a bit, what are you doing for fun?

Mr. C and I have started a 2k every day initiative on the 160.  We are walking with the kiddos 2 kilometres (for our American friends – and spell check who don’t know what 2k is *snicker*)  As you can see from the picture.. it’s rather a gong show… but we are feeling better since we started about a week ago!  I think sometimes we convince ourselves that we can’t do it b/c we have so many children, but really we can, it’s just more….. more… challenging.. think of it as weightlifting while walking lol.

Can I challenge you to start an exercise initiative for the spring and summer?


9 responses to “warmer weather

  1. I think that is great! I walk every day with katie. Twice a day when the weather is warm enough. I can’t go far but at least I go!

  2. I love how you take all your children on your family walk!
    I’m pretty much a fair weather walker…when it’s cold or rainy (which it is most of the winter here) I try to do my ancient workout tape…
    I recently got motivated to keep it up three times a week because we were getting ready for our vacation in southern Ca. (Come over and read part 1 of the saga!)
    Good for you for bundling up the family and walking together!

  3. I have been THINKING about pushing my mop around, especially since walking bare feet INSIDE is grossing me out. Does that count? hheh

    LOVE the pic.

  4. okay Amy, I’ll be at your house at sunrise tomorrow to go jogging!! lol just kidding!! but yeah, i’ll take the challenge! I’ll match your 2k. gotta go, i think i smell burning cake!!

  5. Hey girl! I have a goal to start walking with my little one now that it’s warmer as well. She’s had a little bit of the sniffles, so I didn’t want to take her out in the cold! Hope you’re doing well.

  6. I’ll take your challenge as soon as I get out of the first trimester yucky-tireds! 🙂

  7. Last fall I started trying to walk a certain distance everyday and it truly has made a difference. It has helped me to be more fit, lowered my stress level, and even been a great lift to a bad day. Good luck as you continue to meet this goal!

  8. What a great photo!!! We started walking up and down the street, now we are up to around the block, now the dog comes with us….if we can just get Dad to join in!!!

  9. Oh dear, if you can walk with that many kids, what’s my excuse? Guess I don’t have one anymore!

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