Word Filled Wed.



Make yourself clean…Isaiah 1:16


I love this verse. I had to giggle when I was working on it.

My son is a little water baby, so he was easy to get to pose for it!

I hope you’ll be blessed by todays Word Filled Wednesday.
The purpose of Word filled Wednesday is to share God’s word through photo’s & a verse!
Feel Free to click on the picture above and get the larger copy

download it,
read it,
print it,
share with others!

If You’d like to join us for Word Filled Wednesday,
simply add your name to my comments, post a verse
(or feel free to add mine to your site)
and send a link back here so others can visit and have a word filled day!

Have An Awesome God Filled Day!


25 responses to “Word Filled Wed.

  1. Oh my gosh what a little ham! So cute! Great picture for the verse.

    Mine is up this week as well…


  2. This is my first time participating in Word-Filled Wednesdays. My post is up at:


  3. How adorable! That is really a great one.

    Mine is up too. πŸ˜‰

  4. Just dropped by from Misty to say congratulations on winning her secret gift.
    Also that is such a cute photo.

  5. He is adorable! Great picture and I love the verse.

    My post for this week is up, too.

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Hey Amy, love this pic and the verse, too! Darling!

    Thanks for sharing and hosting this highlight of my week!

    Here’s mine: http://www.extravagantgrace.net/2008/03/wordfilled-wednesdays-romans-125.html

  7. That is just adorable!! I love it!

  8. What a cute picture! Goes perfect with the verse.

  9. THAT is ABORABLE…I love it, what a CUTE magnet it would make!!
    PERFECT!! or a tag for homemade soap!!:)

    Mine is up..

    Happy Wednesday!!

  10. Very cute and very good encouragement. Blessings and I hope all is well with the wisdom teeth!!
    Here’s mine…

  11. Pingback: WFW ~ Hebrews 10: 19-23 « The Happy Wonderer

  12. Cute baby picture! My WFW is up with Easter pictures.

  13. You’ve gotta be kidding me… You’re making your own graphics? How in the world had I missed that??? WOW! You’re SURE TALENTED! Your baby is BEAUTIFUL – and I LOVE the scripture you chose! πŸ™‚

    My post is up at….

  14. In reply to your question.. no, I’ve been cheating I guess. I get them from google. I bought Photoshop but haven’t learned how to use it yet. =-/

    I’m so behind the times… LOL! I guess I need to “get on the ball” huh? πŸ˜‰

  15. Hey
    I love your Word-filled Wednesday, I found you in the Ultimate blog party and have decided to start doing Word-filled Wednesday entries on my own blog, I just love that idea!

    My post is up at

  16. Adorable! I love it. Mine is up also.

  17. Hi,

    This is my first time doing this… Thanks for being a great hostess.

    Your picture is great!

  18. Hi Amy, I am using yours today. Great photo. You always make me smile.

  19. Hi again. I just noticed you came over. Thanks for visiting and for your words of encouragement.
    I am going to put up your wfw now. Blessings, Sherry

  20. I love it too! Giggles he is a cutie with a powerful message!

  21. Girl, you are sooooo talented! I think I say that every week but the pictures just keep getting better! I need to learn some screts and tricks cuz I would love to be able to create the kinds of art you do. I have one posted (better late than not at all) but I feel so inferior after looking at what you did throughout the past week! Thanks again for hosting!


  22. Here’s mine for the week! We actually drove through this storm on our trip!


    Be blessed!
    Terri Sue

  23. This is so cute!
    Thanks for checking mine out today. (I will get it right next week and come HERE to comment!) πŸ™‚

    I have a question. How do you write the verse OVER the photo? I love photography but am very green on the tech. stuff. (I am sure many are LOL right now!)

    Many blessings!

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