Word Filled Wednesday – like a lamb



Like a lamb led to slaughter…Isaiah 53:7


the winner was terri from terri’s meme’s!  Congrat’s Terri

I hope you’ll be blessed by todays Word Filled Wednesday.
The purpose of Word filled Wednesday is to share God’s word through photo’s & a verse!
Feel Free to click on the picture above and get the larger copy

download it,
read it,
print it,
share with others!

If You’d like to join us for Word Filled Wednesday,
simply add your name to my comments, post a verse
(or feel free to add mine to your site)
and send a link back here so others can visit and have a word filled day!

Have An Awesome God Filled Day!


21 responses to “Word Filled Wednesday – like a lamb

  1. I love your WFW today! I didn’t think to do an Easter theme. I’m participating for the first time this week and mine is up! Have a blessed week! http://aftergodsownheart.com/blog/?p=303
    Sure, I’ll be a good sport and participate in the blog party. 😀

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  3. Very well done, Amy. I have one from Isaiah this week too.

  4. You are so good at using these photo editing programs!
    I have a lamb just in time for Easter too. 🙂

  5. I’m not sure how to respond. I did take part of the blog party, but I’m just signing in for the usual “Word-filled Wednesday.” Heehee… sorry! I confuse easily! LOL!

    Thanks for hosting – I LOVE your graphic/scripture today! 😉

    PS… I’ve also enjoyed the other scriptures you’ve posted earlier this week.

  6. oh wow..that is perfect for Resurrection! I love how you create your graphics!

  7. Great job! I love how you do all the word art. But more importantly the message!

    Mines Up this week.

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  9. This is powerful Amydeanne. A wonderful week for these verses. Blessings on your Easter celebrations…
    this is the link to mine

  10. Mine is up too!

    What a powerful message….you have outdone yourself this week…..they are truly inspiring….I think I told you that yesterday…:)

  11. Wow! These are beautiful! I posted a Word-filed Wednesday, but mine is a little different.


  12. thanks ladies! i’m so glad to see everyone posting here! God’s word is spreading even quietly through this!!!

    don’t forget to check out:


    she entered on previous entry!

  13. I like your Easter-themed posts this week. We attended a family wedding this past weekend, so my pictures and verses relate to love.

  14. I love your Easter theme and the verses posted through the week. Surely helps keep our true focus on the true meaning of Easter. Thanks for being a blessing.

  15. Oh I really like that Amy! Mine is up. Actually put it up last night.

  16. You are so talented! I love how you are able to express yourself through this meme! Thanks for allowing us to do the same!


  17. As always thank you. They are beautiful. I did a post yesterday for my memory verse of the week. Come over and check it out. I will start doing one on each Sunday for the verse I am working on and then use yours as always on Wed. Have a Blessed Day.

  18. Wow I love this picture! I am going to have to try to get back into Wordfilled Wednesdays!

  19. Wow! Gorgeous, as usual. You keep outdoing yourself. Hugs!

  20. Wow, you are so talented, Amydeanne!
    Here another one that was saved as drafted and I finally posted it today.

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