Easter week – day 2


In case you haven’t noticed, this week I am posting verses for the full week here until Easter Monday. I hope you are enjoying them! 🙂

I struggle deeply with the whole Easter egg thing. I love making Ukrainian eggs and putting Christian symbols on them, and yet I know with the passover that eggs are a sign of fertility gods. While I don’t believe in that and believe you can turn them into good things by doing Christian art on them like I do, I still struggle if they belong with this particular holiday. On the other the hand using something that was meant for bad and turning it to good is sort of the opposite of what satan wouldn’t like us to do, is it?

An other alternative for Easter eggs are the Resurrection eggs.  http://www.rainbowcastle.org/resurrectioneggs.html –you can find a version of ressurection eggs to check out! I like this version b/c it’s not too many to do since my kiddos are so little!


6 responses to “Easter week – day 2

  1. I never knew about all that…. but i think you are right. It is kind of like yoga, which i guess is supposed to be praying to gods, but i think if you don;t recite the prayers while you are doing it , it is just a good stretch, or torture. depends how you look at it 🙂 keep up the pretty eggs, and keep putting christian symbols on them!

  2. I too struggle with Easter eggs and many Christmas traditions. The evergreens were once used in Pagan rituals and even the time of year we celebrate Christmas is based on Pagan tradition. They are tough issues. I do think that there are items that have more than one meaning and we can teach our children the positive meanings of the symbols to help grow their faith.

  3. I love the verses for Easter week! What a great idea!
    I think that God can use anything, even things the enemy would use for evil!

  4. I agree with the two that preceed me….It’s all in YOUR intentions..I struggle with some of that too…but I know that I can teach my children in these traditions….

    Your word~filled posts have been beautiful….inspiring…really inspiring!!
    Thank you for sharing with us all….
    it’s truly a blessing….

  5. I’ve never really thought of Easter or Christmas as being anything negative.
    I go all out for both holidays, the kids love it and it’s just fun !
    I think it’s all perspective, we can choose to make something a big deal or choose for it to be something fun for the family 🙂

  6. I had to post after midnight but your post for the day was not up yet. Sorry

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