9 responses to “EASTER WEEK

  1. Amy-

    I love this one! What font is “shouted” in? If you don’t mind my asking. 🙂


  2. it’s in “rough works”

  3. What a beautiful graphic! I can’t believe it’s almost Easter.

  4. Hey there! I wanted to pop over and let you know that you won the prize off of my blog- Mama Kenz Studio and I wanted to find out what e-mail address you would like me to send it to! Your prize includes my e-book The Chic & Savvy Guide to Natural Mothering, along with unlimited consulting on natural pregnancy, birth and parenting. You can e-mail me at chic_kenz@yahoo.com. I hope to hear from you soon and congratulations!

    PS- I love your graphic! Very cool!

  5. You have the most fabulously artistic eye!!! This is just beautiful!!!!

  6. Thanks Amy! I am going to have to find that font, it’s so cool!

    The pie turned out delicious by the way! Thanks for asking! 🙂

  7. I love this Amy! Great job!!

  8. This is really beautiful. REALLY beautiful. Thanks for the “eye candy” filled with God’s truth. Hugs!

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