Monday monday

It’s monday and I’m swamped with the laundry.  I’ve got 6 baskets to empty and fold already.

I’m thinking about book reviews to work on, as well as for Easter, I was thinking of doing some Bible verses and pictures for the whole week.

We got a new bed from  Continental Furniture, but part of the towers was missing (towers for the bed headboard system).  They said we could come and pick it up lol.. we already paid for them to drop it off; not my fault they didn’t bring all the pieces out, so we definitly want delivery again – we did pay for it already!  Not to mention hubby can’t get there in their store hours, they close at 5:30 and he’s only off at 4:30.. and we’d have a bunch of stuff to arrange.  Anyhow, love the bed it’s really comfortable. (Just phoned bringing the other part out tomorrow!)

Making banana muffins and trying to get the house cleaned out… again… i think hand me downs are an evil trick to keep my house messy lol).. seriously I love them, but i have to learn how to say now and get rid of the not nice ones.. why do people give me their socks.. and only one sock.. not even a pair.. i think that’s pretty rude!

Master J is cutting his bottom two teeth.  He’s crabby crabby and feverish… oh I love this part! NOT!  Speaking of teeth I have to get my wisdom tooth pulled… March 25th.. not looking forward to that.  I asked my mom to help.. she never did give me a straight answer b/c she needs to go to my brothers and make sure his wife has a ride to the hospital “just in case she goes into labour” 2 weeks before her due date!   . anyhow, Mr. C will probably take the day off b/c I won’t be able to deal with the kids after getting my tooth pulled… yes, annoyed and feeling sorry for myself..  I understand I have 4 kids.  I rarely ask for help.

okay, stop feeling sorry for myself.. sucking it up.. i’m a growed up. *snicker snicker*

house inspector coming out today… not really sure why, guess they want to make sure it’s okay.. laundry is totally out of control.

We’re babysitting a little dog called Maggie.  She’s totally cute.  That’s for the rest of the week.

Anyhow, back to work… gotta stop being a slacker today!


7 responses to “Monday monday

  1. hey Amy, sounds like a busy day at your house. understatement?? By the way, I’ll take those socks!! LOL

    If i wasn’t going to be away when you get your tooth pulled, you know the kiddos are welcome here… maybe we should leave them with justin and give him a good scare??? we could have a hidden camera and when you are able to eat again, pop in the video and eat popcorn!!

    yeah… i better get some cleaning done myself…..

  2. Hey! I have tons of laundry, too and I made sweet potato muffins this morning. I have been slowly chipping away at my chores around here. My husband (ahem, I mean my hero!) helped me plod through about four sink-fulls of dishes last night (don’t even ask how that happened, I won’t say in case CPS is reading) and I managed to knock out the bathroom cleaning this weekend as well. I love Mondays that start off with “just” laundry to do. But oh for the day we get a dishwasher.

    I can totally empathize. It is so hard to get any house work done when you have littles running around. I had the baby in a back pack the entire time I was working this morning because otherwise he was holding onto my pant legs and whining. And it IS really hard to ask for help once you have three or more kids. It seems to scare folks off, lol!

    I hope you make it through today and I will be praying for your wisdom tooth extraction. Yikes! I had all four of mine out at the same time when I was 16. But I drank pineapple juice for a few weeks before I had them out and the swelling was very minimal. You still have plenty of time to try it, just don’t drink it after you have the tooth pulled, YE-Ouch!

    Also, I have had great luck with homeopathics for dentistry. I have a serious dentist phobia and I ALWAYS take 30c or 6x (depends on what brand you get) of Aconitum napellus at least 30 minutes before my appointment and then for pain and swelling, I take 30c or 6x of Arnica montana (100c is awesome if you can find it!) and it helps so much. You have to dissolve the pellets under your tongue or between your teeth and your gums (the dentist can place it if you’re numb and he’s agreeable) and you can’t touch it with your bare skin, because your body absorbs it as soon as it touches you, and its best absorbed under the tongue or in the cheek. If you are using anesthesia, I would also suggest you pick up Phosphorus, which helps with the side effects of anesthesia like disorientation, anxiety, nausea and vomiting.

    Here’s the full list and description to help you decide-
    Aconitum napellus-anxiety, fear of death, morbidly scared
    Gelsemium sempervirens-trembling with fear and feel weak (more like stagefright)
    Arnica montana-trauma to skin, musles, and bones (also a must if you have three little rambunctious, crazy boys like I do!)
    Phosphorus-relieves bad effects of anesthesia

    Any health food store or natural store should have these. My favorite brand is Hylands, but I use Boiron sometimes, too. A great website to learn more about homeopathy is

    Okay, now that I have written a novel in your comment section, I have to sign off and fix lunch for my kiddos.

    I hope you get your laundry done! Blessings!

  3. Bless your heart. Monday’s suck don’t they? I have to say . . . I do get a little pick me up at She has a make me laugh Monday going on and I need the laugh!

  4. congrats on the book! i have 4 kids too – sometimes we DO just need to ‘suck it up’ and ask for help lol. it’s always there when we need it – we just need to ask with an open heart. beautiful photos – enjoy that new bedroom furniture!

  5. Don’t you just hate it when work comes before partying!

    I hope you get all of your laundry done…so you have a little time to party-hop.

    Nice to visit again….thanks for the warm welcome!


  6. Thanks for stopping was great to visit your blog too..whereabouts are you in Canada? The Prairies? Have a great day and God Bless!

  7. Oh man, I know exactly what you are talking about, although my kids are teenagers now I vividly remember cutting teeth and laundry that never ended! Well the laundry thing has gotten a little better now that the teenagers are learning to do their own laundry but it still feels like it never ends!
    I had my wisdom teeth pulled too so I know about all of that too! I am glad your hubby is able to take the day off to help you with the kids!

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