Word Filled Wednesday



in my distress i called to the lord; i called out to my god from his templ; he heard my voice: my cry came to his ears. Samuel 22:7

Do you cry out in your distress? God does hear.


I hope you’ll be blessed by todays Word Filled Wednesday.
The purpose of Word filled Wednesday is to share God’s word through photo’s & a verse!
Feel Free to click on the picture above and get the larger copy

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read it,
print it,
share with others!

If You’d like to join us for Word Filled Wednesday,
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Have An Awesome God Filled Day!


23 responses to “Word Filled Wednesday

  1. That’s such a sad photo. I very much like the verse though and the wavy lines too. When we are distressed, it is so hard to think straight.

    My Word Filled Wednesday is up too.

  2. Hey there….
    It’s my first time joining in….I finally figured out how to do it!!!
    I do LOVE yours…we all feel that way at one time or another, no matter our age!


  3. AAWWWWW… That is one of THE CUTEST pics! I LOVE the scripture too. I don’t know why but it still amazes me how GOD’S WORD can speak a “word” to whatever situation we may have. That’s because it’s “ALIVE & TRUE!” Amen?? =-)

    Have a GREAT DAY!

  4. This is also my first time joining with you on WFW! I hope to do this meme more regularly (as time permits).


  5. What a perfect photo and the verse means so much to me today. Even though I am not in distress, it comforts me to remember that that is the God I love and serve.

    Here’s my post!

  6. Good Morning! Just woke up..stayed up late to watch the primaries (I’m a poltic junkie, lol) and what a great verse to wake up too..

    It reminds me so much of the verse I brought up and just how God calls us to come to Him like children. It’s hard as adults to remember to let down our walls and just open our hearts to God, He wants to hear us call to Him, He wants us to let go of the tears, He is a loving God who is a parent who loves and loves and loves and wants us to come to us as we would come to our parents in need of love, redemption and healing.

    Great photo!

  7. I love the picture. In my distress sometimes, I’ll bet that what I look like! Praise God, He hears, cares and answers. Beautiful and encouraging verse.

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  9. What a great image for this verse Amydeanne! It is amazing that the God of the universe hears my voice…

    My WFW is up here

    Have a great Wednesday…

  10. Thanks for sharing. Scripture is always encouraging and inspiring. I’m choosing to share on my blog as well. My WFW can be found at http://theferrillclan.blogspot.com/


  11. Oh my that truly brings the verse to life!

    Praise God he hears my cry!

    Mine is up


  12. This is my first time too, I sure hope I did it correctly.



  13. A perfect photo for the verse. I’ve felt that same sadness at times. How comforting to know that God hears us when we cry out for Him, and knows what we need, even when we can’t put our misery into words.

  14. Yes, I was blessed by it!

  15. Here’s my post!


    I love yours!
    Be blessed!
    Terri Sue

  16. Wow such a beautiful picture with such an appropriate verse!
    Your talent continues to amaze me!

  17. Great picture and verse! I look forward to Wednesdays just so I can read these encouraging posts! Thank you!!


  18. What a sweet photo and a wonderful reminder. Thanks again Amy. I am late getting it up I have had a busy day but it is there. Still having trouble that the link though. Any pointers? Come by and see why I was so late getting it posted. Blessings Sherry

  19. Wow, this is one of your best, Amydeanne. I love the photo and the curvy type. NICE!

  20. That is lovely. So poignant. So precious. You are such a blessing. Angela

  21. I finally posted this today, it was saved as draft for a while.

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