Tackle it Tuesday.

Tackle It Tuesday Memetoday is going to be a really busy day. (probably not busy for a lot of you, but for me getting the kids out and on time is a huge thing!)

Going to take Miss H for a preschool carnival at 8:45, so have to drop the 2,3 & 4 off with my friend. than drive into the city for the carnival with her,

getting my hair cut, grocery shopping and going for coffee with another friend.

my previous tackle of this week was making an easter banner:


I got the Easter bunny pattern from Martha Stewart’s easter workshop week 1.

My other huge tackle was shaving the dog after he got a bunch of gunk stuck to his bottom:

see: https://the160acrewoods.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/tackle-it-thursday/

I’m off to make cinnamon buns too!


3 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday.

  1. So busy!
    I would love to be there when the buns come out! YUM

  2. I hoe you had fun amidst the busyness. Cute bunny banner. Angela

  3. Love your Easter banner! A much more fun tackle than the dog shaving, I’ll bet. ;o)

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