Tackle it Thursday???

I was going to say this for my Tackle it Tuesday, but I couldn’t hold off… so here is poor Prince Rex before my avid imagination goes wild with scissors… he has poo stuck to his little butt and he can’t see anything… though I’m sure that never really bothers him.


and here is Prince Rex after


hehe, this should be proof to Mr. C he should let me take the doggy hair cutting course! LOL. Actually Prince Rexy feels better and he’s prancing around happy as can be with his “lighter load” and it’s not as bad as he looks in this picture when he’s brushed… He has white patches of fur tucked in the red, so it looks really weird in the picture… anywho, I’m sure he lost 5 lbs of hair!

Honestly though, I wouldn’t have cut it off, except the poo was stuck so bad on his butt and than there was this big hole by his bottom that was hilarious, and than i had to even it out.. and than Miss H wanted to help.. and well… you know.. all down hill from there… Rexy was so good, he just stood there happy for the attention!


2 responses to “Tackle it Thursday???

  1. Oh boy he is looking good!

  2. can i bring murphy over for a cut???

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