family day

Today is family day here.  A new government holiday.  I am thrilled Mr. C gets to stay home with me for an extra day this week.  We are going to have a nice relaxing day of nothing together and just be a family.  I do however have a few things I struggle with, with this holiday.
I pray for those children who don’t have families.  who are stuck in our horrible foster system. I pray for those who are not safe in their houses.  I pray with a mothers heart for these children.  I pray that God will protect them from the bad things that are happening.  I pray for those children who are waiting for adoption, but don’t seem to get the opportunity to be adopted b/c the government and society has deemed them too hard to handle.  I pray for those families that desire children, yet don’t have an open heart to adoption.  I pray for Gods will to bless and keep our families that struggle to stay as families.  I pray for those who don’t have families; that God will provide them with one.

I pray these things with frustration and tears.

I pray for you family.  That God blesses it and keeps it in his care.


5 responses to “family day

  1. What an awesome idea!!! Family day…and much needed prayers.

  2. How incredible! A government Family Day! We are home in observance of President’s Day. My heart breaks for those kids without their own families, I see it every day with four of my own…one whose parents signed away their rights seven years ago, one who chooses a husband who abused her daughter over her own flesh and blood, and two whose mom has to work too many hours a day to support her family and then can’t be there to take care of them and properly supervise them. It is too sad!! I’m so thankful my own son has always had both of us to raise him and for my step-son that I have been able to raise him, he has a home and a family to call his own even when his birth mom has walked away. I continue to count our blessing and enjoy all the giggles and smiles that now fill our home. Have a great day!

  3. Hey Amy,

    I’ve tried to email you a couple of times, but it keeps bouncing back. Can you drop me an email, as I have something to propose to you!



  4. I feel your emotion, and I pray all these things with you too. (((Hugs)))

    (Family day? That’s new to me.)

  5. I second this prayer…. well said amy.

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