I have an addiction

I have an addiction to dying my hair blonde… don’t ask me why. It happens every year or so.. I feel this urge to dye it blonde.   I”m not a blonde, nor have I ever been naturally anyhow.  It always turns out bad. But I can’t help myself.  Maybe to spice things up?  Maybe it’s the “inner” blonde that wants to come out? lol.. I don’t know.  But I’m over it now.   My roots never get light enough and by day 2 it’s already grown out lol… yes, laugh if you like.   It’s out of my system.  And here I am.  I’m already a brunette as I post this.



8 responses to “I have an addiction

  1. You have such a pretty smile. It lights up your whole face. I love your hair.

  2. Well I think it makes your beautiful green eyes stand out all the more. Girl you look marvelous (saying in Billy Crystal tone 😉

  3. I think it looks great! And how many blondes out there are really, truly, natural blondes anyway?

  4. I died mine blond ONCE!!!! I hated it and that was enough for me. That was years ago.

  5. I think you are beautiful either way! 🙂 I had blonde highlights two summers ago…I loved it!!! but at $100 a trip I only did it once 😉

  6. Love it! From a not so natural blonde to another! I sing the praises of my friend and hairdresser! She keeps me blonde and my husband likes that.

  7. I just colored mine blonde yesterday. I had way to many gray hairs peeking through. I was completely outraged by that. Ugggh!!!

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