Marriage Mondays – My Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Ever

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My Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Ever

We were just married four months. I was 19 and hubby was 22. He was/is my soul mate, and I was sure he knew every whimsical dream I had in my heart. After all how could he not know that I desired the absolutely best, most fantastic Valentine’s Day ever. It should be our most memorable since it was our first together as a married couple right?


Well, I wasn’t wrong. It definitely was the most memorable one. Just not in the way I imagined. My sweetheart being the extremely romantic type came home carrying a… brand new toilet seat. He thought it was funny because our old one was broken and kept pinching us on the bottom every time we sat down. You’d think it would be pink at least or cushiony.. it was a plain white cheap plastic toilet seat.

Okay, I didn’t take this well. I cried. I’m sure I screamed. This was not what I imagined for my most memorable, more romantic, most cherished Valentine’s Day gift. I was fuming and he noticed. Sooo he promised to take me out for dessert and that the toilet seat was “just a joke”, and that was his plan all along. I didn’t believe him. I knew his crazy little mind – he could double duty a romantic gift with something we actually needed.. I KNEW everything in my 19 year old mind!!!!

Some joke! I don’t think it will ever be forgotten! Not because I’m angry, but because it was funny and it shows us how much we’ve grown and changed over the years. The expectations and challenges of marriage are so different from the “ideals” of that first year of marriage. The challenges from knowing everything to realizing how much we have to learn and how much we have to change. I was 19, and contrary to the popular belief in my head I really didn’t know everything.

Now, I know you’re thinking does he give better gifts now?? Well…. Hmmmm he is getting better… 13 years later… still a work in progress… do I care? No. I usually buy my own gifts most of the time. Do I love what he gives me? Yes. I’m starting to realize his idea of what he gives me is because he loves me and thinks it is important to me, or thinks I need it. Giving gifts is not his love language and that’s okay. I know he loves me. I know he tries to understand me. After all, he can’t read my mind and I’m afraid he never will be able to.

I hope you have an excellent valentine’s day and know that it’s okay to have some fun too! Fun can be sexy!

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17 responses to “Marriage Mondays – My Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Ever

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  2. Oh we have even married similar men!!! Our firs Christmas together, my husband (then just boyfriend) bought a bathroom set for my bathroom. It included a two rugs and a toilet seat and bowl cover. Needless to say I wondered where our relationship was going to go ;)…….we so laugh about it now!!!

  3. This was so funny! A toilet seat cover. You must be married to Tim the tool man? I love that show and laugh at it a lot but I think if it were me, I would have been mad also.



  4. Oh, what a cute story! Yes, we have to let our hubbies KNOW what we like for sure.

    Happy Valentine’s to you!

  5. LOL. My daughter actually told her hubby that she expects both flowers and chocolate for VD. Now they are both happy.

  6. Oh man! At this sort of story I tell my daughters, you know… sometimes it’s best not to dream of things you want to see happen on these days, it’s just better for the relationship. But it is kind of funny. I think you should give him the pink toilet seat with the heart on it for VD, lol! I just go out and buy stuff sometimes and thank him – now he tells me, “thanks for making me look good, Babe!” lol It works!

  7. Certainly–that is exactly the type of thing that happened in our house before I “got it”. Although my husband seldom leaves the house so didn’t buy anything. 🙂

  8. I thought that was funny too. You know when I think of Valentine’s I do think of toilets! 🙂 Definately one you will not forget!

  9. Oh that is funny! i am sorry but I have to laugh! You will never, ever forget that one!

  10. You were a young bride! Our men have soooo much to learn, don’t they? And don’t we wish they were mind readers? I enjoyed your story, and I’m sure every woman can identify with (and giggle at) some part of it, Amydeanne.

    A quick reminder to vote for next month’s topic, if you haven’t already.

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today. :~D

  11. I love you chose a funny post to talk about.

  12. Isn’t the Lord good to us! He allows us to look back at things that at the time seemed awkward, embarrassing or even irritating and we can laugh at them now!!
    Even more wonderful is that He lets us see how we’ve grown. Every year it gets better.
    Thank you for sharing one of your memories with us, Amydeane!

  13. LOL!!!! i can soooo relate… I was married at age 23 in june of 2006. Our first year felt horrible for me – it was so hard to adjust. I even wrote an article on my blog a couple of weeks ago telling how i “learned” to appreciate my husband – and “getting over my own ideals and expectations” was my main point! For our first married valentines my hubby didnt even know when valentine’s day was (“its the 10th, right???”). I’ve never heard it put like you did…but you’re hit the target for me when you summed it up by saying “gift giving isn’t his love language” — now I know how to summarize my own hunny! 🙂 Once I was able to get over my hidden expectations of how he “should” act, our marriage became sooo much better this 2nd year.

    Oh and I laughed at the thought of how we think we know everything at 19! I’ve learned over the years that the older I get the “dumber” i seem to become – because I finally realize how much i truly don’t know!! 🙂

  14. Oh my. You made me laugh and brought back memories. I’ll have to write a post. But to share with you. Remember the episode of Little House on the Prairie when the sister(was it Mary?) became blind. Well I was being so domestic I baked biscuits that night. We sat down to dinner to these little flat round things I called biscuits. My sweet husband put them on his eyes and said something like “oh look at me I am just like Mary” I cried and ran out of the room. The dog followed because of course the “man” master was being mean. Quite a # of years later. I did learn to cook biscuits but I also learned that there are some wonderful ones you can buy in the freezer section too.
    Thanks for the sweet story. It made me laugh and remember the early years. Love. Sherry p.s. he has gained lots of pounds since we got “hitched” wonder why?

  15. Great post. It IS amazing after years of marriage we get over ourselves and se the true value in our guys. We are forgiving and I think they do try most of the time.

    I really enjoyed your toilet seat post and so glad you are not being pinched on the rear any more *grin*. You made me laugh out loud.

  16. This was so cute!
    My mother has a similar story…well, not really toilet related, but…LOL…when my parents were first married and Valentine’s Day rolled around, he did, indeed, give her a card, but she had it in her head it would be a flowery, sweet romantic one…not one of those funny ha ha cards. She when she saw the little plastic glasses that would fold over with the heading, “Your the sweetest thing to ever fog my glasses” she was so disappointed she cried.
    But later on, she appreciated it…and then treasured it!
    My dad’s been gone a long time but she still has that card!

  17. Oh my goodness. On this side of the computer screen, this was so incredibly funny, but I can imagine how you must have felt at the time. I would have been so hurt.

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