this is

this is what is outside my window these past few days…


No, I didn’t take a picture of a snowbank.. that is the view from my window. On a clear day the skies are quite beautiful and you can see for a long distance.. If it looks fairly blank, it’s b/c it is… lots of white snowy blizzardy weather. Gotta love winter in the great white north!

on a normal winter day it looks like:



3 responses to “this is

  1. I just am not the kind of person who could manage with all that snow. The view is indeed beautiful but I hate wearing a coat and shoes….I wear sandals every day here in the sunshine state….my toes need fresh air and sunshine 😉

  2. Brrr…stay in and stay warm. The photo is beautiful and lovely place to visit! I’ll stay here in the south during the cold months. I have felt though I was further north the last couple of days we have had wind that is icy cold. Brrr!

  3. Wow. That’s snow. I hope you all are safe, sound, and warm.

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