Blogging Mentor

fromdanelle.jpg I got this really neat blogging award from my friend Danielle over at the Bipolar Diaries

I had to giggle a bit, but I think she’s mentoring me, not the other way around. It really is amazing to see how we affect people when we don’t realize it, or are just being ourselves. I just want to say Thank-you! I’m honored and awed at the same time.   She’s helped me discover many things about myself through her posts.  Thanks Danielle! I love ya!

I’d like to pass it along to a few people who mean a lot to me:

Elise over at Extravagant Grace has been an inspiration in my blogging and I can’t help be thrilled she’s become a friend of mine.  She has such amazing ministries and her heart is seeking so much for God.. it is just amazing to watch (yes, I’m babbling.. I can only say great things about Elise).

Michelle over at Ozarks Sew n’ Sews  has been a friend, a joiner of WFW’s and has taught me how important it is to blog about our lives, love and animals.  Her kindness and friendship has been so encouraging


One response to “Blogging Mentor

  1. You don’t know how I needed a little surprise like that today hon! Thank you!

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