you know

you know it’s a rough day when…

* everything you cleaned up yesterday has been destroyed within 5 minutes of the little people waking

* can’t find a pair of socks that match

* you forget all the stuff for your bible study this morning

* haven’t had a coffee or shower before you leave

* think everyone is dressed & when you arrive at said destination find that your #3 has no socks/tights on and no diaper!

* you come home and found the dog has gotten into the garbage

oh ya!

I”m so thankful God has such a sense of humor.  No, I’m not being sarcastic.. he really does… reminds me that I’m human and that I can’t do it on my own, especially in times like these…   I’m having one of those days… weeks where I feel totally inadequate.. I need to rely on God more….


4 responses to “you know

  1. Oh, dear, my dear! Thank you for reminding me we’re all in this together! I’ve been totally in a winter, pms (premenstrual, not praising or praying!), and 2-yr-old-with-the-flu -induced funk today! A dear pastor told us on Sunday: we can give thanks even when we don’t feel thankful! So right! Love you.

  2. Yes, it’s funny how all those little things can really pile on. What a great attitude, though, to view it as God’s sense of humor. I need those reminders sometimes too that I can only do it with Him at the wheel.

  3. Yep, love those crazy, annoying wonderful days!

  4. Oh, I remember what that’s like. When, by the time you arrive, you’re so overwhelmed that you wonder if it was worth it. Do you have a nursery? I remember when we didn’t. When you’d gone through all that to get to church, and worried about keeping the little ones occupied and quiet, you wondered why you went at all. But it all comes around in the end. Now I have children who all go to church with their own familes. Thank you, Lord. It really was worth it aferall.

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