who woulda thunk!?

I am……………….

not diabetic……………

I am…………..

not pregnant…………

I am however b12 deficient.

Go figure.  That explains the tiredness I can’t tell you how happy I am!  I was starting to freak out a bit with the call back!  I do need to get checked for my sugar in another 3 months, because it wasn’t the best results, but it wasn’t bad either –the high part of normal.  Glad to hear I’m not pregnant either… wasn’t sure with all the tiredness, but I”m so glad that could be explained and not in my head kwim?  Thanks for the prayers this morning!!


6 responses to “who woulda thunk!?

  1. Hope you are able to get the B12 evened out and feeling better. ((hugs))

  2. Sometimes stuff just happens! You will be fine! that is what I am believing….Period! huggles!

  3. Amy, I was about to post to your previous post….yikes, can you imagine if you were pregnant, wow!!! 5 kids under 5!!!! That would be awesome, but tiring!!

    I want another…and I too had 4 c-sections, however I’ve known women who’ve had more than 4….but it’s too late for us! 😉

    Hope you get your tiredness under control!!

  4. Hope you get it worked out. I do believe however that you will be very, very, tired for many years to come…it goes with motherhood and you are blessed to be a mother to quite a few 😉

  5. Well I am glad they figured out what was going on! So happy for you that things have worked out! I agree though with Danielle, you will be tired yet for many years to come! :o)) But they are 4 really cute reasons to be tired!

  6. Praise God for medicine and doctors. I’m glad the answer wasn’t something more serious.

    Thanks for your pop in at EG. I’m always so blessed when you stop by!

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