blah and I thought i was safe!

okay, well I have to go to the doctor’s today. I thought I was on the safe. Last week I went and took a sugar test, seeing with Master J and Miss E I ended up with GD (gestational diabetics). As well, I went and got a pregnancy test… haha , ya, you can laugh and go “Holy cow” over that one.

I DID get my tubes tied with Master J — seeing four cesearans in 4 years has done a lot of damage to me. I am however late and not feeling hmmmmm what’s the right wording… not feeling like I can stay awake, which happens to me in pregnancy. Anyhow, don’t think I am, but thought I’d throw it in with the sugar test for good measure. So anyhow, when my new doctor (I found one I actually don’t mind) asked who did my c/s. and I told him and he says in a cautious voice “Well, sometimes the “wrong” tubes get tied”…

OH that’s comforting!!! And than said if I didn’t hear back from him everything was okay. Well I didn’t hear back for a week.. we’re on week 2… so I’m not impressed! I am almost wishing I’m pregnant over the diabetic, but chances are I”ll be both! I’m so optimistic aren’t i? lol

Anyhow, a little prayer today would be nice. I see him at 11ish.


5 responses to “blah and I thought i was safe!

  1. Wow praying for you friend.

  2. Ok..just bumped into your blog…will be praying for you and that things are OK.

  3. Hey girl! Keeping you in my prayers today!

  4. Oh my! I’m praying for you today!

  5. Oh man! I am feeling your pain! Praying for you right now!

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