what an amazing girl i have

so sunday morning, I can hear the kids out our bedroom.  they don’t come in an bother us as usual.  When I finally get up the whole play area is cleaned up.  my 4 year old says “Well, mama, I thought you’d like it, so i cleaned it”.  I mean amazing.. you can see the floor, she put the toys away… wow.  All I can say is I’m blessed!


5 responses to “what an amazing girl i have

  1. Those moments are wonderful, yet leave me feeling strangely quilty for some reason. They shouldn’t I know. So glad you woke up to such a blessing.

  2. Wow at her age its amazing that one she did such a good job, but to do it on her own. She is amazing.

  3. Well, bless her sweet little heart!

  4. I love those random times my kids just help out without me asking, it’s so rare but I love it!

  5. How sweet! You have a Mommy pleaser there.
    Mama Bear

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