watch out betty crocker.

So I was at the PMS club today reading Friday’s recipe, and though I’m not much of a cake person, I saw that it had coffee in it. WELLLLLL I had to try it. It is quite yummy. The smell of fresh chocolate baking through my house is tingling my nose and my kids thought it was heavenly! Anyhow, thought you might like to see a picture of my baking moment! I admit I cheated on the icing. It’s vanilla frosting from a jar, but the cake is made by scratch by me… wow… a monumental moment indeed!! In fact, I think I could premix half of it and pull it out when I needed a good cake mix.. yes! it’s that good!! So if you want the recipe head over to the PMS club for the recipe! Not to mention it’s super easy! took me less than 10 minutes to make!! (with 4 babies under foot!)



4 responses to “watch out betty crocker.

  1. It looks yummy! Enjoy!

  2. Pingback: watch out betty crocker.

  3. i’m coming over right now!! haha no i just made my own….

  4. Wow that looks great! I will have to get my daughter to try that recipe since she is the baker in our family.

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