Grandma’s lace

There are some things that bring memories back in our lives.

My grandmother’s lace is one of them.

I was browsing on the net and came across a blog called: Tongue in Cheek

She shows a lot of really interesting antiques and such and was talking about lace… which made me think of my box of lace from my grandmother. I know nobody else really cared about it; which is probably why I ended up with it lol. It meant a lot to me though. I remember her teaching me how to sew; how we used to look into her wondrous box of lace and things and how I was mesmerized with the different smells and tools she used to create her fineries. (I”m guessing it was mothballs now lol.. ) Hehe, reminds me of Mr. C’s magical box of treasures “his tool junk box” lol. The kids are mesmerized by all of the little goodies there and it’s almost magical; that’s how I felt.

Anyhow, I found some of it the other day while I was unpacking the other day, and couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of it. It’s the bits and pieces of her homemade lace– tatting I believe…


Than this was some of my favorite. It’s extremely heavy.



A walk down memory lace lane for me.. Grandma’s been dead for a long time now.. weirdly enough died on my 17th birthday.. I miss her expertise and the time she took to show me bits of history in her life…thanks for having a peek!


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