8 in 2008 – intentional living

my 8 goals in 2008

  1. Accomplish my verses in WFW for the year ; so 54 verses in picture form
  2. lose at least 40 lbs this year (does that count as 8 goals right there? lol)
  3. Read through the Bible in 6 months
  4. Exercise at least 3 x a week
  5. lead by example
  6. smile more
  7. lead one person to Christ
  8. pray more

11 responses to “8 in 2008 – intentional living

  1. Smile more… now there’s a worthy goal. :~D

    You’re doing so well on all of these goals already. Good for you!

  2. good list! I do think the losing 40 lbs counts as at least 8 goals right there! 🙂 all the best to you and your in 08!

  3. What a great list! Come back on the 8th to sign the linky!


  4. Ha! I love the smile more! May God bless you with the peseverance to accomplish these goals…

  5. So glad you’re in!

  6. I really love your list dear.

  7. A wonderful challenging list….number 1 will be awesome when complete!

    May your day be filled with inspiration as you begin your 8 for 2008 goals list!

  8. #6 and 7 really spoke to me. I want to smile more too and laugh more as well. I think it’s been way too long since I put on any goal list that I wanted to lead someone to Christ that year. How sad is that? I think I’ll add that to my prayer list for this year. Thanks for the reminder of what I’m here on this earth to do!

  9. Awesome list and awesome idea. I love your wordless Wed. and reading through the Bible in 6 months…I hope to do it this year. Had a crisis today and didn’t get to yet. Good luck with all of them. Blessings. Sherry

  10. Thanks for your prayers and for visiting us. I did apply the word today where I am on a journey in case your wondering. ( that is me) I haven’t put it up on the missionmakeover page yet. Took all morning to get my new blog working. Still don’t really like how it is set up but it is a journey/work in progress. Thanks for the prayers I’ll keep you posted.

  11. Great list. Putting it out for the world to see may help you to have themall checked off inDecember. Good luck.

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